Cube...for sale?

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  1. PyroBoris

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    Found a place selling Cube Sport selection boxes...

    I'll be honest it only occurred to me afterwards that it must be a tad naughty to still be selling non-CE marked fireworks?!

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  2. elmo

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    Errrrrrr , just a tad yes
  3. UKChrisT

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    Naughty but nice!
  4. paul s

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    It's not that uncommon.
  5. hofnerite

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    To be honest - all the time council websites, fire station leaflets, anti-firework propaganda and newspaper articles still stay only use fireworks with a BS code on then these shops may as well crack on because it seems no-one knows or cares about the law anyway! ;)
  6. BarnOwl

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    It would be nice if there was a ‘World Cube’ box tucked away in that shop..
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