1. Hi all!
    just been looking though old boxes of fireworks that I have been given over the years.
    Just looking for dates etc.
    I know there not quite Vintage yet but just interested on more information.
    Thanks in advance.

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  2. Early 2000s for most, neon tower bit later.
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  3. BarnOwl

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    Annual Gala was a nice piece from memory.
    Really like the artwork on Colour thunder too.
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  4. A few images of the rockets I have.
    The Polaris is bloody huge!!

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  5. Very nice. Remember those well.
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  6. What did that Titanium rocket do?, never seen one before!, i used to always get a Polaris, fantastic rocket!, cost about £20 back then, i still have a Whoppa, the silver strobe variety.
  7. Hi JayT not really sorry just the black cat box in the picture
  8. Hi Peter
    I have just looked at the rocket and it doesn’t have any effect on it!
    I can’t remember these for sale myself
  9. I fired a Titanium rocket a few years ago, seem to remember it's a willow effect. Just a rewrapped Whoppa done as part of a supermarket/warehouse range. There was a big selection box with that branding too, think it was called Bonfire. Had one from Epic maybe 10 years back.
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  10. standard steve

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    that's right jay , I nearly bought the box , which only had rockets in . they where still in there old place at batley . if I remember right ,
    it was £100.00 at least . I have that titanium rocket, I got it at standard, its a shop dummy though .
  11. Just found this in a draw.
    Brings back memories of when I used help out in the shop. Good times! just wish I bought and saved some of the things we sold.
    Rocketman was a huge dealer back in the day. Mr Galactic back in the day.

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  12. Looks like they used one of the cases used for roman candles bundles as a postage tube for the port fires.
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  13. If I recall I cut the label of a tube that may held airbomb repeaters, the 3 shot of 4 shot ones.
    So 100% correct on Roman candles JayT.