DB04r Teardown

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    I decided to teardown one of my Chinese units to see how good or bad the design was. You can watch the video below, it's quite long but not as long as my first edit!!

    It's all my opinion and I am not giving any sort of advice! Everything is open to interpretation and I am not claiming to be an authority on firing system design. It was just for interest for me mainly.

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    wow, that is in-depth! :eek:
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  3. Colleague had a Happiness one as above randomly firing inside a casino function room. Then firing in a vehicle. I personally had a single cue Chinese module from a US reseller fire a silver jet (missed my face by a foot) when the power switch was turned on. The reseller confirmed by email the following - It is probably a failed power transistor in the module. It has happened a few times but now frequently.
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  4. :goodpost:
    Best post on ukfr for a long time.
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    For those interested to see abit more about the remote (most of the info I decided not to include in the first video due it's length), I have made a shorter video: