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    Hey all does anybody know if there is a way of finding out what the dB of each consumer firework is.
    I know zero will be above 120dB (unless your talking cat 4)
    Just curious as im trying to plan a musical but for next year, (early bird and all that) i know that soundsystems available to me arent exactly concert level volume capable.
    Sponsors do a great job defining low noise fireworks and thats great but for the type of music we need some bangs. But not bangs so loud they drown the music out.
    Would i do better sitcking to 1.4G as they have less flash than 1.3G.
    (I think its the flash that makes the bangs louder)
    Cheers all
  2. In general, smaller tube diameters = less powder content per shot = less noise whatever the powder mix used.

    Some makes have a line of dots - the more dots the greater the noise level. Other types of indicators on most makes.

    Most items nowadays have videos.
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  3. Depends where you're doing the display too, if you're doing a garden one then a decent hifi type system should be plenty powerful enough for them to here the music over the fireworks
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    The $64,000 question. Good luck with that one.
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  5. Dayle Ward

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    Will probably be a garden jobbie, but im working on a few other avenues...
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    Avenues should echo the sound lovely :p
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    I think its time for a new phone, the amount of typos i create!
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    Depends on a few things really I'm no pro but sometimes fireworks go higher and don't sound so loud, sometimes they pop instead if bang, diffrent bursts of the same effect behave differently, lower powder content may produce a lame burst but saying that I've had 18 mil tubes that shake the house and 25 mil tubes that havent
  9. Rob perry

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    Have the stereo behind the audience :p
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  10. As far as I know there's no way of knowing how loud the fireworks are without testing them yourself, even if you did test one there would be no guarantee the other will be the same as it can also depend on the batch number. Dumbums for example have changed multiple times since they hit shelves. What you could do is find out what sort of sound system you're dealing with and find out what the wattage and DB the speakers run at. I know the half decent ones use very high SPL loud speakers like 96db per watt meaning they would be twice as loud as your average 88db speakers. If I remember righly, for ever 10db you gain is a doubling of precivable sound level.
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    .....every 3 decibels. :)
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    Doesn't matter if occasionally the fireworks are louder than the PA. It doesn't detract from it, unless you couldn't hear the music at any point at all :)
    If its a known song your brain 'fills in' the gaps in the audio when lost in loud(er) bangs!

    If you know what audio is available to you, its easier for someone like me to advise if its really too small, or not.
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    Once you have overlaid the music track on the firework video, there's no problem at all! :cool:
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    The trouble with noise guides on the pyro or on websites is its all highly open to interpretation, the crackle on kronos fountain for example took me by surprise with the volume of it. (Although there were two)

    I think the most powerful soundsytem i have is 120w?

    Speaker placement wise i was planning on having them just in front of the audience but facing them. Would having them behind the audience make much difference?

    Videos i find dont help me work out pyro volume. They are great to see the effects but volume wise most sound very similar. To me at least. And then theres the whole different microphones picking up audio differently.
  15. Jon

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    Don't also forget weather will also play a factor, low cloud and no wind for example.

    And surrounding landscape, I did a pro show a couple of years ago in a valley, it was really loud lol.
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  16. I find the weather makes a lot of difference, last year on the 5th it was very calm and the bangs sounded really loud even from a small firework, when it's windy the sound tends to carry away more.
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  17. TGR


    Speak to your supplier. If the list of items is not extensive they should be able to give you areal idea of dB levels. Part of the CE compliance testing regime involves testing and recording the data. Here is a sample from a Bright Star product. These are in test conditions and can vary by tremendous amounts in confined areas, overcast weather, warm or cold nights etc
    db scores.jpg
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    It must be tricky to reliably test rockets. Cakes are breaking in pretty much the same area but the same rocket must give quite a big spread of db figures...
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  19. TGR


    Depends a lot on the quality control at the factory. Just taken a look at a few rocket sheets and they show a spread of around 3db also.
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  20. Pyro Ed

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    Just info for those unaware, every 3db is twice as loud, mathematically as far as power is concerned (eg watts) . However it's generally accepted that for us mere mortals, we perceive on average 10db to appear twice as loud.