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    Hi, I once did a tour of the Std Factory - many years ago - and can recall a few details. Also., I worked for the Std Fwks display team for a good number of years as a weekend enthusiast - AMAZING MIND-BOGGLING FAB memories - as you might imagine :) J.
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    I *think* the reduced noise match was to reduce the explosion at the start of "no bang" fireworks rather than anything to do with the functionality of the fuse. A quiet firework such as a Sun set piece, starting off with the explosion of a metre of plastic ( high tensile strength ) black match ( made with commercial ICI grain by the way...) was not too well appreciated by some customers I was told...J.
  3. I've been looking for all over the Internet for pictures of one of these display packs,
    There's another kit with 3inch shells,
    Probably mid 80's, dose anyone have photos of any other kits like this
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    So std did a pair of shell packs - one 3" and one 4" - the pinnacle being reached when using the amazing San Tai shells - if memory servers.
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  5. Nice to see this thread again. Fantastic collection of large SF goods.
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    heres the original pics from when i first found and opened them .....items inside ranged from 84 to late 80s ....the guy that had purchased these packs on a yearly basis for his children but never got around to fire them all you can see he had written a list on the pack of the stored items inside... he also managed to save couple of brocks rocket packs
    IMG_2655.JPG IMG_2683.JPG IMG_2693 (2).JPG IMG_2701.JPG IMG_2688.JPG IMG_2661.JPG IMG_2657.JPG IMG_4369.JPG
  7. Wow, he bought those for his children. That's a pretty decent family pack of fireworks! The Rev Counter was quite a sight with six Animated turning cases burning simultaneously.
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  8. Thanks for the photos, i saw a kit like this fired at a school display, probably around 86 87,so I would have been between 6 or 7 years old. They had the luna rockets, I remember collecting the plastic tubes from header cases. I could just about see the candle frames set up in the field. I remember the ground mines going off especially the salute mines, and shells being fired intermittently from the back. They had one those huge bonfires built with palettes, the biggest bonfire I'd ever seen. I can still see it in my mind them tossing the spent candle frames on the fire afterwards and me thinking noooooooo , I would have loved to have got them. The wheels looked huge too. That was the first public display I whent to, I while after Cofton Park Nov 5th shows and of course Fireworks Fantasia at cannon Hill park with city of Birmingham symphony orchestra, it was those shows that made me want to do what I do now.
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    One of my favourite finds on this site ever.
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  10. Crikey ... how did I miss this thread first time round? :oops:

    This find is superlative. Every firework looks so immaculate :)
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    I've been round Standard several times when they were manufacturing. Yes, it was usually the ladies that did the assembly. When the lady that folded the parachutes for the rockets retired they stopped making them because no one else could do the job as well! The salvo batteries fired a number of different effects sequentially. Only available as part of an aerial display kit. would not sell them separately despite my best efforts!
  12. Interesting story about the parachutes. I remember watching one of the ladies matching up one of the shop set pieces with precut lengths of piped match. Her hands were a blur, inserting and tying the match into the tubes. I guess it all became second nature after making many thousands.
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  13. Parachute fireworks were banned as having an erratic flight, nothing to do with how they were made, i had a long conversation on the phone with John Woodhead when he worked for Standard Fireworks as they were my favourites and i was really fed up when they stopped making them!
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    Yes quite right, it happened when the BS regulations came into force in
    1988, it was the same with the large single and double shot floating parachute
    lights, they all disappeared along with the all and mostly card constructed rockets
    which had a lot more of a whoosh as well, I have one of the last single shot floating
    lights from that transitioning era with the union flag logo, it was one of the last stocks
    before the BS came fully into force.
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    Fantastic items. I loved the Turbo Jet. Superb in a back garden.
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    Does anyone have any photographs they took whilst on their Standard visits? Sheds, workers, processes, tools, chemical stores, magazines, that sort of thing?
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    Now you're talking rare - we're into regulated environments and uncertified devices - inc. the likes of flash bulbs - woah !!! JW.
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  18. Unfortunately, not. It's over thirty years since I first went there. They were very kind and showed me many of the processes. Sometime in the late eighties or early nineties Standard produced a publicity video with scenes from the factory. I don't remember the exact date but wonder if anyone still has that on VHS?
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    I like the way they used shredded Coloured Niagara labels as the packing material.
    There must be more of these cases out there somewhere just waiting to be uncovered, I can only hope that one day........:)
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    Nothing went to waste so it seems, think they would’ve
    reused what they could to keep costs down, never know whats still
    out there waiting to be discovered.