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  1. What an excellent thread this is! Many, many thanks to Tony B.!

    Golden Zodiac wrote:

    "Sometime in the late eighties or early nineties Standard produced a publicity video with scenes from the factory. I don't remember the exact date but wonder if anyone still has that on VHS?"

    I have two video tapes that were given to me when I visited the Standard factory many years ago. One is called "This is Standard Fireworks", the other is "Standard Fireworks: Creators of the Spectacular".

    They have been on the shelf for a very long time, but maybe they can be digitized and pictures extracted from them. I shall see what can be done...
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    That would be great to see , if you can get them transfered
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    Bazza, VHS can easily be digitized. You'll need a VHS player of course and the corresponding output cables which then go directly into your computer's data input. There are various adapter cables and devices you can purchase to make this happen. Once you have the feed running through your computer, use a video capture program to record in real time. That means you'd need to play the entire video from beginning to end whilst the computer captures the data directly from the monitor. Then, once saved, you have your digitized copy ready to put on Youtube for us all to enjoy! Can be done with laptop too in the same way. If you need help with this I can send you some links for equipment and techniques. Shouldn't cost the earth. A couple of cables and a free video capture app.
  4. Thanks, Tinderbox - but no need. One of my friends has already offered to digitise them for us. He has all the gear, and the knowledge to make the best copy. Should be interesting to see the results.
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    I would love to see that footage of the old standard factory,
    just right on around the era just before everything went downhill.
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    Brilliant news. I think we'd all love to see those videos!!! Very much looking forward to seeing them :popcorn2:
  7. Hi Barry, thank you very much for digging out those videos. If memory serves me correctly, one or maybe both of these was produced for an anniversary in the company's history. It was mentioned in Fireworks Magazine at the time. I will take a look to see if I can find which issue. Chris
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    The centenary year of 100 years which were 1991?.
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    Hummers also. And fanned candle bouets, the later ones were all straight up which was a bit pointless really.
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    Bazza ..can I add to the chorus of “yes please let’s see the videos”…it would be really excellent if this could be achieved.
    I visited Standard 1C4DBFB7-5938-4B84-AFFC-3697376F1816.jpeg FFE18B64-006B-41D7-ACF0-725031DC9EB9.jpeg 04BB6341-8560-4DDC-A98B-D1819C60A160.jpeg for the first time when I was about 10 years old with my Dad and had a great day being shown round by Mr Greenhalgh himself..and took away some strikes from the printshop ..which I attach to this post.
    Last summer ..this year I spent a day at Huddersfield Public Library and at a pre booked session with the records department I photographed various images of Standard Fireworks ..some of which I’ve already posted here..and there are more to come…watch this space!
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    Excellent, I would like to see them.
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    Maybe in it's own thread so we will know where to look when in a few months time we want to ref. it all.:)
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    Yep..I’ll do it like that R