Defqon 1 endshow

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  1. mike hadley

    mike hadley Pro Firer/Crew

    Has anybody seen the endshow to this year's defqon 1 festival in holland

    No were near as much pyro in this year's festival for what ever reason ??
    (Wonder if thats something to do with the single shots on the sky swing ride that shot into the crowd from last year)
    very good single shot work though and awesome flame lifters throughout the short video (have included link)

  2. mike hadley

    mike hadley Pro Firer/Crew

    Would love to do a pyro musical to some of sefa's tracks(frenchcore producer) ,
    nothing like the old school in particular

    They lend there had nicely to pyro ;):eek:
  3. beeney

    beeney Pro Firer/Crew

    Defqon always makes me happy :D:cool:
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  4. beeney

    beeney Pro Firer/Crew

    And Intents festival too.. Who also do a great end show
  5. Ozzieuk

    Ozzieuk Pro Firer/Crew

    My friend.
    Defqon 1 never fail to please. They have so much tech at their shows.
    I couldn’t say I saw less pyro.
    I saw a lot of well used pyro.
    There is so much going on there.
    Those lasers and movers.
    The LDs must have had a few sleepless nights programming that.
    Just throwing as much pyro in the sky doesn’t always work.
    You can see how they bring the tempo down and create something special.
    I would love to get a go at programming a show that size. You wouldn’t know where to start.
  6. mike hadley

    mike hadley Pro Firer/Crew

    Would have to agree with you , that the overall show that they put on with everything was just stunning the execution of it all was flawless,
    And as a designer many a sleepless nights would be had with that was merely just pointing out now where near as much pyro was used but as u said used very cleverly indeed :)
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