design of brass awls

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    .....just had another thought!

    Why create a new hole next to where the viscos enters the tube - why not just use the brass awl to make the existing hole (where the viscos enters) big enough for the ematch?
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  2. alasdar

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  3. I've never made another hole.

    Is this what you do? :confused:
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    I prefer to make another hole and leave the fuse for reserve if there is no reserve fuse?

    Did that make sense? Haha
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    ....I’ve never used ematches but watching some vids and reading on here, seems that the done thing is to create a new hole - that was my reason for asking.
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    I usually make a new hole next to the existing one. Then put foil tape over the standard visco. Then if it fails I have a visco reserve. Someone I know even puts a talon on the visco and an igniter inside the first tube and fires both together for redundancy. Which I’m not a fan of on a cost basis. Be that igniters. Battery power from modules. But I see why he might find benefit to it.
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    I usually try to pull the fuse out of the existing hole and widen that a bit but sometimes they are knotted and if i don't think there is enough room to widen the existing hole with the visco in i will resort to making a new hole at the side.
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    ...I can definitely see the benefit of using ematches for cakes but does anyone think ematches would be overkill for a selection box?

    Perhaps Consumer Match igniters would be better for these (where the individual pieces of pyro are generally a lot smaller than your standard cakes, fountains, candles, etc) ?!

    Also, would it be safe/unsafe to connect ematch igniters (with shunted ends) to cakes, fountains and candles, say weeks before firing or do these need to be connected on the day?
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    Personally ive never bothered with a selection box and electronically fired it. Mainly because I’ve found most commonly available packs to be poorl constructed and unlikely to stand up so well to being buggered with.

    So if electric fire is essential I’d say probably consider talon igniters or consumer igniters for sure.

    Some selection boxes however contain larger items that are well made and perform well. But I’m not particularly clued up on that part of the market. I’m sure others with more experience here will be along soon.
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  10. Damp Squib

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    If you're talking about pieces in the smaller garden selection boxes, I often link them up using standard or fast visco (with a bit of guess work on duration) sometimes use an ematch to set it all off, but usually not. I agree that mucking about with an igniter in a tiny firework is likely to prove counter productive...
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