Cake/Barrage Diamond Princess

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  1. RRP: £33.99
    Category: CE Cat2
    Shots: 28
    Duration: 45 Seconds
    Hazard: 1.4g
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    My video from the Brothers demo night:

  3. This is cat2, but realisitically how much space would you give it for the best view? I have about 20 metres from back of the garden to the patio, would that work?
  4. hofnerite

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    The further back the better really. I fired my last one from about 65m!
    But at the end of the day it's F2 and you have 20m so go for it.
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  5. I was a little bit under it (15 metres) as the wind blew it a bit towards me so the further back you can go the better, everyone else down the carpark had no problems with it (40 metres)
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  6. scoops

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    Big breaks on this, personally it’s a 25m +min for firing just in case,, and and least 40m for good view..
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  7. glad you all say this :) Ifound wih the little Skycrafter cakes we got a better view from further back.
  8. The more you dont have to crane your head back the better lol
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  9. exactly. more room the better!