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  1. Hey guys does anyone have a contact at Disney world Florida to get a backstage look at the pyro?? I’m here for 2 weeks and been trying to source a contact but no luck yet :)


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  3. Hi Steve.

    I tried pretty much every year for 12 or so years, then two years ago I got lucky and was invited to spend the afternoon / evening with the guys in charge of the Pyro

    I was very, very lucky. Keith told me that the big bosses were very much against it, no one from outside the company had been given access before, but he argued the positives and I got the invite. In all honesty, I believe it was a one off.... more so now that Keith has retired. I met a couple of the guys who have taken over from Keith and I'd quite happily meet them for a beer and a catch up when I'm back again in 2021, (didn't have time last month) but as for going behind the scenes again. I think the only way that would happen was if I was willing to give up a month of my time, do the safety course and put in some hours.

    It was a fantastic opportunity one that I will always remember. I was told that one of the main reasons for my invite was that I was a company owner and not a firer as such. They were open to chatting about how we do stuff over hear and vice versa, storage, set up, firing systems, inventory, shipping etc. Although I was fortunate enough to be shown around the new firing site for the shows an Hollywood Studios you won't actually get anywhere near any pyro unless you've done their three day safety course. I had to spend an hour or so going through their safety procedures etc just to do what I did.

    I didn't take any photos and didn't ask any stupid questions. I remember at dinner one of the guys saying, he was shocked that I hadn't asked about budgets for shows, tried to take photos behind the scenes etc. I responded with something of the lines of. "Had I'd asked those questions you wouldn't have told me anyway and as for photo's how many photos do you see of ANY part of back stage Disney, I assumed that had I had taken any I would have been quickly told not to." Keith turned to him and said something like. "I told you he was genuine and not just another pyro geek!" I took that as a compliment.

    I had a great time and it was an honour to spend it with a group of guys who have the same passion for pyro like us. Will I ever get the chance again, I doubt it.
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