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    When you call round you will see it here in my collection........
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  2. Bloody hell I can't wait mate, reckon I'll need to wear a bib for all the drooling :D
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    Hehe. Your enthusiasm is infectious Caveman. Isn't it amazing how much stuff has survived? I just never stop going 'wow' before remaining rather envious...in a fun way.
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  4. Heh! It's very easy to be enthusiastic about something you have loved since you were 5 years old. :)

    I am gobsmacked how much of the old stuff you can still get your hands on; I am as of now the proud owner of a Size 12 and also Size 40 Standard box and various Airbombs, Jack in the Boxes, Floodlight, and all in the last couple of weeks lol.

    I plan to immortalise all of these (bar perhaps one of the Airbombs which I'm afraid I am going to have to fire, for old times' sake :D ), into a big, framed, permanent and sealed display, pride of place in my house, as a personal shrine to old Brit pyro (and being a pyro in general :) ).

    I'd like to use the following artwork as part of this, poster-sized if possible, but I've only a low-res pin to go on. Do any of you chaps know either where I could get it higher res, or even better, the actual poster (or a good physical copy)? :)

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  5. Incidentally, if anyone has a live, plain green, red stripe and black Standard rocket as pictured - which from memory would have been either a Size 9 or Size 12 Skyrocket with animated stars (man, I am such a fireworks nerd-in-training :D ), and you wouldn't mind selling it to me, could they please kindly let me know, thank you. :)

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  7. Tinderbox

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    Caveman - if you do let anything off - I urge you not to as things become much rarer by default but let's say you did - could you please video it with a decent camera and upload the file to Youtube? that way, we can all watch as many times as we like and relive the wonder years through our screens at least.
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    caveman , I don't know your age , but the rocket poster is id say 60s , so the rocket on the poster would be pre decimal , ( old money )
    I have the poster & rocket , cant let you have them though . ( sorry )
    theres a mr kevin smith in Lichfield , he gets that type of rocket know and then , more then , than know !
    the poster is approx. : 20 inch by 15 inch . that's in old money ! . lol .
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  9. Escht

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    This is more the era you are looking for, I've got this in my collection, think you will struggle to find anyone willing to let one go, ...........
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    That's right Kevin, rub it in...(snigger)
  11. Hi Tinderbox: yes I will do, complete with a rant complaining why we can’t buy air bombs anymore, too :D

    But seriously, my grandsons need to see a PROPER firework, of my youth, a single Airbomb. And that’s all I’ll let off, the rest are getting enshrined and preserved. :)
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  12. Awesome Steve, thanks very much for the info, you’re a gent. :) I’ve sent you a PM.

    I’m a young whippersnapper of 51 btw so don’t (quite) remember pre decimal. :)
  13. Ah Kevin, that’s the fella (with animated stars I note, I was right 45 years on :D )

    You’re a lucky man, fair play to you mate. What a beaut. These big Standard rockets had the best “whoosh” on take off ever.
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  14. And i have several of them!, might have to start a bidding war, lol!
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  15. Escht

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    Come on Peter, time to move some on........... out of the 17 examples I found in December I moved 11 on to other collectors keeping the rest for myself....... and the money came in handy as I soon had found more vintage pyro that needed to be bought.
  16. Escht

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    Get that anorak on and work this one out........ PLEASE

    I've got a size 20 box with seal on front plus the BS 1988 bottom right corner on the lid.
    IMG_8827.JPG IMG_8829.JPG

    Now according to Standard brochures they stopped doing size 20 boxes in 1989 starting in 1990 with the letter codes of which this would be equivalent to a size B
    Now in amongst the glued in box bases there is a tray unlike either size 20 or size B which is this one

    now the markings on the remains of the box base are same as a B box base sides but obviously the fireworks are not BS 1998 labelled as you would expect by 1990.
    These contents whilst not exactly the same as in the 1989 brochure are pretty close............. only bit missing on box lid is the BS 1988 info.
    1989  STANDARD 20697.jpg
    Could you please consult the anorak and advise what its thoughts are on the matter..........

    I'm thinking it was transition and they were using up old stock, if you look at both 1988 and 1989 brochures they are showing changes to box contents but no sign of BS1988 labels....... but I don't possess an anorak.......
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    Kevin, you invented anoraks!
  18. Escht

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    Hey I'm in enough trouble without taking that responsibility.............