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    I have finally set up a display cabinet, after years of having my small collection tucked away under a bed. By adding a few LED strips and with some ruthless pruning of books, fossils and rocks, suddenly their colours can shine out once more. The only problem now is I might have to start adding more items because there's plenty of space to fill. Oh well.

    I'd love to see any images of other peoples displays, even though I know the size of some of them will make me green with envy.

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  2. Pyro Pete

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    Nice, looks good :)
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  3. Richard Lane

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    Lovely show Mark!:rolleyes::D;)
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  4. Standard321

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    Decent display the bangers you've set out in thier own display case, are they all from the same manufacturer? Would be great to have a close up if its not too much trouble.

    Cheers, J
  5. Firework Art

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    Hi, they're from different makers, Excelsior, Well's, Astra, although I've no idea who made the crackers. I'll get a photo up soon.
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    Nice exhibit.
    Look through the topics, loads and loads of pics of people's display cabinets. Enough to make you envious. Proper drool material.