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  1. Well its finally complete! Ive finished building my remote ignition kit which is based on the RR12-CONF board from RFRemotech.
    Summary is as follows:
    RaspberryPi running a webserver with 36 buttons on it, each coded to various outputs of the RaspberryPi. It also has various buttons for starting and stopping music (run through Python scripts) and can read in a text file line by line to trigger cues in a certain pre-programmed order.
    The outputs from the RaspberryPi are then passed through optoisolators to control the remote control which came with the RR12-CONF kit (its an OOK AM remote control but I have manually changed the security bits so at least it is a bit more secure!). The RR12 kit is configured in 6M6L mode so can control 36 fuses and is powered by a 9AH battery in a toolbox so could theoretically launch hundreds and hundreds of cues before needing recharge. Obviously it needed full cue checking facilities and key ignition (as it wouldnt be cool otherwise :p ).
    Total cost came to about £90 in parts, but lots and lots of time - so I guess I ended up paying for me to learn some new electronics skills (Im an electronic engineer by background but have never done anything with RF, RaspberryPi or Python so there was plenty of new ground!)
    Insert slightly scruffy pictures of a device Im actually really proud of - I cant believe many people can launch fireworks from an iPad!!

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    Nice work - most of the technical stuff is totally over my head but so good to see a high tech DIY system - love the use of the Pi :)
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    Excellent work cjcharles. Love the use of raspberrypi and you should post this at the raspberry forums. It certainly comes under the unusual.

    I notice you have those 6 port speaker terminal blocks. Could you give me a UK source for those. I cannot find them anywhere and need loads for my own firing systems.

    Glad you changed the sec bit for the OOK. Sound like you are aware of its limitations along with range, and bleed.

    Python. I have the perfect RF device for you that is programmed using Python.

    Using Mosfets to replace relays will drop the component price quite a bit on your 2nd prototype and give you a smaller board too.
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    Superb stuff. I'd quite like to build something similar, but every other word of your post is gibberish to me. I do like the pictures though.
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    Just hope a neighbour doesn't spot it and not know what it is..........................cue a

    bomb squad.jpg

  6. Haha, I have had a few people comment on its connection to nefarious activities! Will have to fill the left hand side with a nice exploding firework (which looks nothing like a regular explosion!)...

    Thanks for the comments, it looks and sounds pretty complex, but its quite easy to segregate out various different parts of the build such that I was able to test most of it in small elements before putting it all together in a case and linking with the raspberrypi. If you are interested I have attached the circuit diagram I followed for the remote ignition box - though with quite a number of modifications - I dont have a similar diagram for the Pi but could do one and could probably upload my python script. Diagram courtesy of JoeRatman from PyroUniverse.

    As for sourcing the speaker terminals I found them off ebay by searching for "push in speaker connector" - which lead me to the ST12i block which was perfect for a 6M6L configuration (and was what stopped me doing an 8M4L system which Im glad about in the end as the slat selection only adds 150ms to a fire signal and can be planned in advance) Hope that helps, I know they arent a UK supplier but Im sure searching for that would allow you to find one - and express shipping only takes a few days from HK.

    I never quite got to the bottom of the difference between learning and fixed mode, suffice to understand that they are different, fixed is easier to work with and revolves around fixed security bits set by some toggles. Once I had worked that out I figured it was safer to at least change them from the default (though there is a TINY chance that an interference signal is strong enough, received on channels 1-6 (rather than 7-12 which would just change the slat) and sent when the box is in live mode with the key enabled).... Ahh well every bit of safety matters when you are talking about expensive, precious and dangerous fireworks!

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