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  1. ok guys, bet one of you know this.....

    I have four disks (backups ;) )

    doom3 disk1
    doom3 disk2
    doom3 disk3

    doom3 crack + serial

    how to I install these with the crack ? seem to have two codes within the crack disk.

  2. write the serial number down.

    load the first disk.

    input the serial number.

    install the game.

    explore the cd with the crack.

    copy the crack (it should be an icon)

    go into the doom 3 folder and delete the main exe (the doom3 icon)

    paste the crack in the folder.

    right click on it and send it to your desktop.

    click to play.
  3. Many thanks, that seems straight forward enough, however I keep getting :

    Internal Error 2349

    Dont have a clue what this means :(

    Any idea ?
  4. not without sitting with yer pc and looking at it my self.
  5. The Big Firework Shop

    The Big Firework Shop Pro Firer/Crew

    Do you have an absolute deamond PC? If not, dont bother!
  6. No worries, thanks.

    I am going to re-boot cos have been trying all sorts and anything could have happened. Will give it another go after rebooting.


  7. the tigger is back so have you been to hell and back?
  8. We will soon see if it works on Win98 Pentium I with a whopping 5 gig hard drive...................................................................................................................................................................




    Just kidding, yep not a bad spec, 3.6 processor, 160gig hard drive etc.. etc... but not too sure about the graphics card though......

  9. The Big Firework Shop

    The Big Firework Shop Pro Firer/Crew

    My 9800XT just copes, and I do mean JUST.

    Back from hell now, had a few weeks off! That soul cube is a usefull bugger isnt it!
  10. strange my 9600 does everything on 1200x768.

    then again i deal with the hell spawn so fast they dont have time to drag my setup down :D
  11. The Big Firework Shop

    The Big Firework Shop Pro Firer/Crew

    Which 9600 is it, and what are the quality settings. While on the subject, what do you get on 3dmark03?

  12. not tried it for 3d marks.
    ive got it on high settings though, at 1200x768 the one below ultra

    ati radeon 9600 series 128mb ram cost just under £100 about 14 months ago
  13. on another note i turn all programes off that run in the background xp seems to take up a lot of ram freeing it up by turning things off works wonders
  14. The Big Firework Shop

    The Big Firework Shop Pro Firer/Crew

    Havent you got a new 64 bit processor though? I know it dont use the other 32, but they do run quicker!
  15. its on the shopping list for the next time i build a new pc, for now ill just bung in as big a proccessor as this mother board will take, and get an old 9800xt from a friend, damn quad pipe architechture ect.

    lokking forward to dooming again though in even more detail :D :D :D
  16. Andy_P

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    Can someone do me an idiots guide for ATI cards. I guess I need to spend around £100-120 and I'm not a hard-line gamer, but my kids may well be at any time in the future. At the moment I'd just like the Fireworks screensaver and the Sims2 to work, but I always hate the idea of having something sub-standard even if I don't need something better!
    It seems that out of the "x000" series cards, higher numbers aren't neccessarily better, and higher amounts of RAM on a "lesser" card can make it more expensive than a "better" one.