Cake/Barrage Doppel D

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  1. Quasar

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    Doppel D
    Compound Cake (4 x 36 shots)
    1.3G meshed
    25mm Bore
    144 shots
    50 seconds


    Looks ****ing awesome, albeit a little pricey!! :D
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  2. I think I saw this on sandling. Needs a price chop but superb
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  3. AlanCee29

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    Yes, if u like intense Fireworks then that is a belter, I agree tho the price is astronomical in respects to what it is and does, I wonder if there's any 30mm Compound Cakes?
  4. Hallmark extravaganza and the gemstone one can’t remember name
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    @chris321 what was it u picked up again mate?
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  6. adrenalize mate cant wait to let it off :D
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    That's it, I'm having a snarky drive up to urs on the night :rolleyes:
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  8. more than welcome mate :cool:
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  9. Isnt the vivid compound 30 mm??
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    I think 30mm should be made compulsory :D lol