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    YouTube has started showing me drone videos now since I searched for info on the new drone laws, but this one was quite interesting, behind the scenes at a drone show set up. All I can think here is that if you think remembering to charge and pack your firing systems was a hassle, imagine having to do it with this lot!

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  2. gareth71

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    That's some seriously impressive kit.
  3. hofnerite

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    MLE are running an event this year where they will be using their new 'Sky Swarm' tech. I can't want to see it in the flesh, and where this goes in the future.
    I presume as battery life gets better and tech gets smaller, we might start seeing higher res images with tens of thousands of drones in the sky.
    It's amazing how far drone tech has got in the last decade.
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    The thing that surprised me about these drone displays is that there are no anti-collision measures, apparently, it's all reliant on the drones remaining where they are programmed to be. i.e. each one is totally independent.
  5. These drone displays are awesome, but i always think of ''Angel has fallen'' starring gerrard Butler.
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  6. gareth71

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    There must surely be some form of positional feedback, though?