Drones around Valencia

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    LasProvincias has reported on the use of police drones in the fight against the coronavirus. The report contained an interesting snippet of news about the drones use during the early 2pm Las Fallas Mascletas :-

    "The drone unit of the Local Police of Valencia is made up of seven vehicles and began operating regularly on March 9, during the mascletà held in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, to monitor that the evacuation routes were clear at all times.

    Of the drones that make up this unit, six are helicopter-type and one is a glider, which is used to monitor the tree area of La Devesa del Saler, and is handled by police officers who have been specifically trained and have the pilotage title of these aircraft. .

    In addition, they have a heat chamber installed, making it possible to use them at night to recognize people."