Cake/Barrage Dum Dum

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  1. Price: £29.95
    Category: F2
    Safe Distance: 8M
    Shot Count: 25
    Duration: 42 seconds
    Effects Volume: Extremely Loud
    Effect Style: Vertical
    Effect Size: Large
    Hazard Class: 1.3G (332.5g NEC)


    Dum Dum is a 25 shot cake with 30mm tube with 332.5 grams of powder.

    Video Comments:
    The video is from the manufacturer, we will be replacing it with a better quality/shot video soon.
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  2. DynastyDays

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    Anyone have any reports as to how this compares to a klasek DUM BUM ? Or is it brand new or just a 're wrapped klasek...
  3. m00ny

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    Dumbum has more powder so its not a rewrap, have no idea how it compares though.
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  4. It has a different effect from the Dum Bum that you all love. It is not a re-wrap it stands very well on its own. It has got a good volume of noise.
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  5. hofnerite

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    So.... Why did you call it Dum Dum? o_O
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  6. Where I come from in Northern Ireland the military would shoot Dum Dum bullets they are large rubber rounds designed to hurt but not kill mostly.
  7. I always thought Dum Dum bullets were bullets with a hollowed out point that cause absolute destruction of flesh as they explode on impact causing instant death!
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  8. scoops

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    Nope, there called hollow points
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  9. paul s

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    Dum Dums are expanding rounds, same thing as hollow points/soft points - small entry wound then huge internal damage and a large exit wound (They are named after the place they were developed by the British military - in Dum Dum) ..................Rubber bullets are non lethal crowd control rounds and was a song by 10cc ;)

    Considering we also 'invented' concentration camps and the Black and Tans...........not always the nice guys.

  10. danielpyronutter

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    I thought they were yum yums