Dynamite Barrage Pack

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  1. John KH

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    NEW for 2015 Dynamite Barrage Pack RRP £139.99
    12 x 25 shot cakes. 4 effects 3 pieces of each

    Effect 1. Red and green coconuts, red and blue pearls with white glitter and crackles.

    Effect 2. Beautiful blue pearls and silver white flying fish.

    Effect 3. Red and green tails bursting into blue pearls with white glitter, green and red crackling coconuts, purple and green peony and chrysanthemums.

    Effect 4. Green, red and blue tails bursting into coloured crackling pearls.

  2. scoops

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    Sorry but to much crackle for me, but love the flying fish. Sold separately?
  3. Phil40

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    Why not just a four pack, one of each effect ?
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  4. My favourites there barrage no. 2 rest were good aswell :)