E-Matching Consumer Fireworks

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    First things first, safety & responsibility!

    • What you do is down to you, everything done here is replicated at your own risk.
    • Work in an area that is less likely to cause a major incident if something goes wrong.
    • Have an escape route pre-planned so it's clear and easy to get out from if shit happens.
    • Wear safety specs.
    • Never look over the top of a cake that you are prepping for or inserting an ematch into.
    • Always check that the ignitor wires are shunted (crossed) before doing anything, this reduces the chance of ignition.
    • If you aren't sure, DONT do it.

    Basic Kit;

    • Craft knifes
    • Electricians scissors
    • AWL, preferably brass to reduce static
    • Packing Tape
    • Clear recycle bags
    • Cable ties
    • Cue stickers etc
    • Continuity tester (optional)
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    Stage 1;

    • Check the firework, does it feel solid, are the tubes in good order, if it's damaged, return it.
    • Locate the main fuse & reserve fuse, if you mess these up, your cake will fire backwards, which could be annoying.......
    • Skim the top off to reduce mess and clean up, also its another chance to check the integrity of the cake.
    • Some cakes have the fuses located on the top, some on the sides. In the diagram, its on the side.
    • Feel where the fuse goes down the tube and then disappears, use the craft knife to gently slit the paper and thin card on the side to reveal the fuse, don't press too hard as you don't want to cut link fuses or the tube.
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    Stage 2;

    • Some fuses are knotted, some aren't, this one (Primed) wasn't and pretty much fell out of the hole.
    • If the fuse is being difficult take your AWL and push it in gently beside the fuse to enlarge the hole to remove it.
    • Go easy with the AWL, you are in amongst the crunchy black stuff, just make the hole large enough for the ematch, don't wriggle the AWL unnecessarily.
    • When the hole is large enough, with the ematch shroud fully on, push the ematch into the tube as far as you can.
    • Then use a piece of tape to secure the ematch in place, I normally tidy up the slit paper as well.
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    Stage 3;

    • When the ematch is secure, put a small loop in the wire and secure that to the cake. This provides stress relief on the ematch, for when you trip over the wire later on.....................
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    Stage 4;

    • Take a clear recycling bag, place the cake in it, and leave the wire out of the bag.
    • Use a cable tie to secure the bag with the cable outside of the bag and tidy up the excess.
    • This is now a fully waterproofed cake, ready for the UK weather.
    • Tape the wire excess loosly to the outside of the bag, ready for wiring into the firing system later.
    • Stick the cue number and direction arrow, if using a fanned cake, to the cake and you won't get it wrong.

  6. K9Girl

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    These pictures show, shunted and un shunted wire, a skimmed cake and the continuity tester I use



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  7. Nice job!!!
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    Excellent work, thanks for this :)
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    Great work. Many thanks.
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    These are the bags I use:)

    Abbey Clear Recycling Bin Liners Bags/Sacks/Refuse/Rubbish - Size 18 x 29 x 39 Inch - 64 Gauge - Pack of 100
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    That is one awesome guide - much appreciated. :)

    Never thought of actually labelling the cakes with the cue numbers but of course, now makes sense.

    With regards to the continuity tester, how is that used - to check the terminals on the firing system or to test the wires of the ematches before connecting to the system?
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    Prior to matching the cake you use it to test the ignitor, you put a wire each side and if it’s a good ignitor the small light glows green, it’s just a way of being able to test before wiring it up and testing via the system, to give China its due, I’ve used hundreds of ignitors now and only found 1 to be a dud, plus never had a failed cue on the night :)
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    Nice one, great help to all :)
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    This is an amazing guide, well thought out and put together with pictures, brilliant @K9Girl Thank You
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  15. @K9Girl Excellent guide, very helpful for me this year, going to be attempting it for the first time. Would you recommend doing this at the firing site, is it too dangerous to transport once complete?
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    Absolutely don't transport after ematching. You can do all the other prep though, skim the paper, remove the visco and make the hole for ematch. Just put a piece of packing tape over the hole to stop anything falling out ;)
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    ...thats exactly what I've already done to mine this year - skimmed, removed viscos, made holes and covered with small red stickers (so hole is easily located on day of firing ready for e-matching) and finally clingfilmed (I have limited weekends free so needed to prep very early!).
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  18. @K9Girl thought that would be case. I used consumer match igniters last year where you thread the visco through the loop, while I had much more success with them than talons, I still had a few second wait for the visco to burn.

    One other question, with me the trying this for the first time, is there any way of practicing and resting without having to buy a load of cakes to try with. Would a cheap selection box with a few small fountains etc be okay to test with?
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    Small selection boxes are great for testing, plus you get a small pyro fix, or you can buy some visco fuse and test that way ;)
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  20. @K9Girl I’m looking to test the instant ignition side of things more aka inserting the ematch directly into the firework. Is it the same principle even if there’s no tubes for eg a fountain? Just follow the visco, enlarge the hole and insert ematch?