Early 90's candles

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    I'm not a collector, but have just acquired a few remnants from an order supplied by The Fireworks Factory. All Chinese made. There is a box of Kimbolton blue touch portfires that I did try; they burn stronger and longer than anything I've used in recent years. The shell is interesting and I suspect the candle bundles were good back then.

    Any comments or opinions would be appreciated...:)

    IMG_20191221_104611608.jpg IMG_20191221_105724327.jpg IMG_20191221_105909579.jpg IMG_20191221_105847959.jpg
  2. Very nice. Fantastic labels on these early imports
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  3. These candle bundles were sold by a few companies including Standard and Black Cat, you could buy then separately too, Standard encased them in a big tubes and gave them English names, made by the Temple of Heaven factory they always performed well, both colours and noise effects, i used to like the Magnolias, these fired a crackling flower effect, never seen a shell like that though, Italian, i think.
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  4. The Vulcan Fireworks Magnolias we're superb.
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    Love those Temple of Heaven candles. The wrappers are so evocative. The shell is from France built by Ruggieri. All that plastic..yuk!
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    The shell is a Ruggeri..French made... of the late nineties and before..used to get them from Ron Lancaster ..they were great!
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    Still got one tucked away. :cool:

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    Yes the 3" ( we used to use mm didn't we !?! ) shell featured magnesium cut stars if I recall - exceptionally bright in the typical red and green of course - fabulous quality thou' clearly the plastic was a non-starter in terms of environment. The "match" leader looks interesting - wonder if anybody is geeky enough to know what kind of leader pipe in use there? JW. p.s. on a MUCH broader issue - the days when the likes of Kimbolton sourced small manufacturer / distinct / crafted / *INTERESTING* items from Europe is possibly a thing of the past now ? I for one am much less entertained by endless single shots, computer control, symmetry, music etc etc. For my selfish self, I want to see displays of fireworks - big willows, salutes, japanse, italian, maltese, BRITISH....phew...what a sunny day...
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    I have a single Magnolia
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    I’m sure I have an old Vulcan bundle about 6” across somewhere
    Yellow paper wrap
    I’ll search it out
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    Next meet up we'll fire these off and see what happens!