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  1. maxywell

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    Hopefully not a sign of things to come but my local Nov 5th display has just been cancelled. Not surprisingly most people aren't happy about it...

  2. hofnerite

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    Bit early if you ask me! Probably just an excuse to save a bit of cash.
    There was debate here last year about the possibility of many of the displays that were cancelled last year never happening again. Like carnivals and festivals of years gone by, once a council realises they can save a bit of cash they'll happily cease the tradition. Let's hope not.
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  3. It's a Covid con.

    I couldn't get into my local sorting office the other day because of Covid apparently - it's an excuse to scale down and save money.
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  4. paul s

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    Try getting an appt at the doctors!

    Every man and his dog is using COVID as a means of down sizing, cost saving or simply being lazy.
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  5. That’s a shame given how far away in time it is - and outdoors
  6. Dodgey

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    It's so difficult / impossible - I've been going to private appointments - GP and physio. "Clap ther NHS" - they are the bloody excuse for our continued lockdowns.
  7. Jon

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    I used to have to have regular blood tests and everyday my surgery at about 10am used to change the phone line message to "Due to high demand we are only booking appointments for urgent medical cases today." If you had a minor problem such as infected toe etc you could wait weeks to see anyone.....usually by then the toe had fallen off and cured itself..

    This was two years before covid.
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    Same here in Suffolk. I had a medical dilemma last week and called the doctors' surgery in the afternoon only to be told by recorded message that all routine appointments were booked and to ring the next day at 8am.

    So I did and I was 36th in the queue - at 8am! When I got through at 8.25am it wasn't to a doctor but to a receptionist who took some details of my medical issue. A doctor then rang me at 10am and agreed they wanted to see me, so we agreed at 11am.

    I arrived at 10.53am to a locked door and had to press a buzzer. I was told I was "too early" due to Covid restrictions and needed to come back at 10.55am :mad::mad::mad:

    The irony of a large laminated sheet saying they don't tolerate abuse to staff, when you turn up and just want to punch someone, as a result of the staff.

    Also here in Suffolk we are waiting to see if the Latitude festival goes ahead. Such sad times for everyone involved :(
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  9. Whizzbang

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    Sadly as this is no longer a discussion about how crap we all feel about seeing friends worried about their livelihoods and the future for display companies I will get this off my chest.
    The reason they have the sign up in the GP’s is sadly they need it. My wife is a midwife and has suffered more verbal abuse than I would be able to accept, including threats from partners of the women she’s trying to care for. They don’t have the freedom to decline care they have to see everyone, no matter their background, attitude or behaviour. Recently she’s seen colleagues really unwell with Covid and she’s worked through it, doing extra shifts as they were so low on fit and well staff it was ridiculous. She didn’t ever want to be clapped for she just wanted adequate PPE to do her job.

    Pete. If this thread continues in this vein, please delete my account. I’ve been a member since 2011 and enjoyed the forum but NHS bashing from those with no idea of what individuals have been through is beneath contempt.
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  10. maxywell

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    It's an unfortunate time to need appointments for non covid related issues but personally mine went quite smoothly. This was between late March and mid May. Got an initial app with my gp the same day I phoned them, put on meds for 2 weeks then when it didn't improve I was put down for a hospital referral. Minor exaggeration helped as I ended up getting an urgent referral (possible cancer). I got the urgent app 2 weeks after being put on the list and only about 7 weeks after the first call to the gp. In and out in 5 minutes and luckily not cancer or anything serious. It seemed quite efficient to me.
  11. Pyro Pete

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    @Whizzbang I'm sorry. Being annoyed at not getting a GP appointment straight away or getting bizarre responses from staff should not be taken as NHS bashing on my account. My Dad was in hospital last year for many months and Covid restrictions hit us hard as a family, but they saved his life.
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  12. AF Pyro

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    I suspect that this announcement may well start a domino effect (and I don't mean a Pizza) and is the excuse a lot of local authorities are waiting for. Have mentioned this before, the difficulty with public displays is that (in general) the only people who make money are the display provider and any concessions on site (burger van). For almost everyone else, a display is a financial expenditure which is either local authority funded or charity event which relies on fund raising. Covid has meant that local authorities don't want to spend the money and charities have been unable to fund raise.
  13. With the ever-increasing costs of insurance, storage and dealing with other regulations, display providers' profit margins have been steadily decreasing over the past 5 years.

    Must be few full-timers left nowadays.
  14. AF Pyro

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    Agree, but the point is that the vast majority of large scale organised displays (which are free to enter) are not a revenue generator for the organisers. So even in the worst case scenario, the display company would expect to break even or make a small profit.

    Also agree 100% regarding the full timers, again the vast majority of display companies are part time and have to supplement their income with a "proper" job.
  15. Dodgey

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    I don't think anyone is specifically "NHS bashing" - although I will say my opinion on how it is run is not a postive one. Nothing to do with contempt. It's a huge organisation that is run very very badly in a lot of instances. In other instances it is superb. The people at the top are who my ire is aimed at.

    I've seen both sides for sure, through ER treatment, to less urgent stuff like bone breaks (where I was butchered in London after being left in a small room and forgotten about between shifts) and regular excellent xrays, to a cancer scare that was so ludicrously slow paced to get even a basic prostate check I went private - and paid to see the same specialist as the local hostpital uses, but immediately, as he does several days NHS, several days private. I got ahead by around 2 months by paying.

    It's too big of a beast to be classed as one "NHS".

    My local GP surgery is a shit show. My old surgery a few miles away is fantastic. My partner was the manager in a local surgery and I can tell you 1st hand that they are all run very, very differently. Hers was so toxic, and staff inconsiderate to the patients, she left. It was private, as are most if I am not mistaken (GP surgeries).

    My surgery is run by some very angry and blunt women. I say "run", but I mean those that are the 1st line of contact. Its unpleasant to call. The doctors, well at least mine, however, are superb. This was the same as the one my Mrs worked at. Prickly female staff on reception, nice doctors. I guess they get battle hardened?

    Like most things, some are great , some are rubbish. Don't take offence because your wife works in one instance and gets abuse. That's inexcusable but, it doesn't mean we can't be ticked off with other aspects of the system. It's not aimed at her.

    I took Pete's comment as funny, not anything else.

    As an addition to his funny experience, when you call my surgery, you get put on hold in the massive queue, annoying "musac" plays, and is interrupted every 5 seconds at most by; messages.

    "If you have covid don't call this number",
    "If you want a vaccine don't call this number, call...."
    "did you know you can use consult online...." (which basically makes you go online and then tells you to call this number when it can't help)
    "If it's an emergency hang up and call 999"
    "If it's not an emergency call 111"
    "We are particularly busy at the moment please call back later if you can"
    I'm now forgetting the rest,

    By the time someone picks up you are already angry! :) - I have not, but I am always tempted to tell them that their holding system must pre-anger nearly all of their callers. It's mad. God knows why GP surgeries are run in such a special way.
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  16. Jake01

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    I have always been able to either get a same day consultation or a phone consultation, my partner even got an out of hours consultation last night, the initial phone call was made at 18:30 with a consultation with a doctor at 22:30.
    The NHS does still work regardless of the Tories trying to sell vast chunks of it off to their friends such as Brandon
  17. I phoned my surgery the other day and was told no appointments available for two weeks. Asked to book after that and was told they could only book the two weeks ahead! phone back tomorrow and try again. I do however understand why they are doing this now, as many people who frequent the surgery on a weekly basis were booking an appointment for every week of the year and then cancelling when not required on the day!

    If I need an appointment I find it best to get past the receptionist and ask for the nurse to call me back, get in same day normally once you have spoken to someone medically qualified.

    Having had a minor operation under general anaesthetic a few months ago and a major operation many years ago, I have nothing but praise for the majority of NHS workers who do an amazing job, often under very difficult circumstances. Just wish some younger generations would look up to these people rather than so called reality TV stars.
  18. I had a work accident a couple of weeks ago. A GP called me back within 2 minutes (thanks Sam o_Oo_O). Advised to go for an xray that took 40mins from walking in to walking out. I can't complain.
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