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    I picked this up a few months back and have been meaning to post it here, a nice early Wells poster. About 2.5 feet long it is a really nice image and after seeing another 2 years ago I had it on the list of one's to find. 20210503_122419.jpg
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    outstanding - great that it has been preserved - important history !!! J.
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    Now that is a Stunning poster example
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    4CDE1694-5EEB-470E-B903-967365EE4BD5.jpeg 1AD476DF-DD4F-4860-B85A-C19DB9CD81F0.jpeg D7275A0D-B7D5-41E4-A9AE-47789A13C5DD.jpeg Here’s some of mine..love them......just so evocative of the BT era
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  5. Who were Globe Brand?, that's a new one on me!
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    Good evening Peter....Globe were a firm of Yorkshire makers in the late 19 th century in the Lepton area...long since closed..here are some more of their posters that I treasure immensely..Richard 43264F8B-D662-446A-9AF6-79AA49A28A7E.jpeg FB42ABD0-576E-4A54-A5C2-B34B726C5FF3.jpeg
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    Hi Peter
    Globe Fireworks were produced by the Shaw's family, who were not only very close in location to the Jessop's Factory but like the Jessop's, involved a lot of family members in the production of fireworks. They licensed their factory the year after the 1875 Explosive Act came into being (number 32) and records show they fell foul of this Act many times over the years and had numerous accidents.
    Foster Shaw, and his brothers Robert, Joah (involved at the age of 13), Arthur and even Foster's Mum, Emma were registered as firework makers. Joah's sons Henry and Edgar and daughter Marion also became part of the business later.
    If you you also add Jessop and Kilner's Firework Company and the formation of Lion Fireworks when this was dissolved as well as George Newsome then the Lepton area was prolific in producing fireworks companies.
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    You know you can have these reproduced as metal signs! I have one from an old Standard poster with a big green rocket. Just send a high res' photo to a metal sign printer and hey presto. In fact, I wonder if creating a thread just for this purpose is a good idea? Folk upload their hi-res files for others to replicate on thin sheet metal. Someone sells them on Ebay but they are only A4 size or slightly larger. Would be nice to get some full size ones done, leave outside for a while to get some rusty patina and they'd make amazing wall adornments in a man cave!
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    B321F5A7-6765-4AC7-ADB1-E2C994CE5EA0.jpeg 52776C2F-A689-42B9-B074-10BFF89DF328.jpeg 662ED407-01B8-43AE-B417-BB01CD0AE899.jpeg
    Here’s a rare catalogue price list of Yorkshire fireworks dated 1927 list before the floating of Lion fireworks...which I treasure greatly.
    I remember as a child living in Warwickshire in the 1950’s that Lion were a lesser entity at points of sale behind Standard,Brock,Wessex Pain etc etc but they were very well regarded with lovely wrap designs and what came out was very good too.
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    'The British Pyrotechnists' Association' This isn't the same as today's BPA is it? Does the BPA go back much further than I understand it? Or, was this something entirely different?
  11. The original BPA was dominated by the large manufacturers, Standard, Pains and Brocks and mostly the small retail that many of you collect.

    In those days, if Mr Greenhalg of Standard said it could be done, it got done.

    If he said Noo, nooo, it was unlikely to happen. ;)
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    Probably.....one often hears of caches of these type of posters showing up in big fat bundles....from which they get distributed and sold on in groups and individuallly etc etc ...
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