Electric kit bag/tool contents

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  1. I just had a thought about a small selection of tools/kit for doing electric firing.

    Just wondering what parts, so far I’ve listed

    Side cutters
    Screwdrivers (multi bit set thing)
    Gaffa tape
    Cable ties

    Anything else that could be needed for in the field for when a system has an error, fault needs working.

  2. blackbat

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    Bell wire for extending.
  3. gareth71

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    PVC tape
    Decent pair of wire strippers
    Depending on your point of view, a box of jelly crimps and an appropriate tool (this one does seem to divide the room, though!)
  4. elmo

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    the list is long and endless :cool:
  5. Basics. Let’s keep it practical
  6. Madfish

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    Lump hammer - for stakes (or the faulty firing system?)
    Head torch (or a few)
  7. wilkins1kc

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    Electricians scissors are my most used tool (strip wires, cut cable, cut cable ties). I usually bring a range of tools but the scissors and a headtorch are often the only things used.
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  8. Arthur

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    I'm more a fan of individual screwdrivers and much a fan of high vis handles for them.
  9. Feel free to post link to tools etc.