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  1. Nice one @danielpyronutter . Called in today to while up there with work. They were happy to apply UKFR discount. Not quite @Jimmywhizz stash level, but a couple of cheeky pieces (and the obligatory Pumpkin :p)
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    Well done, there's a smiley for that:

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    Shrill witch and humming hornets both good pieces
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  4. I've been coveting a couple of hummers since last BFN where I realised all my cakes were lovely and colourful but all just bangs. I'm sure I'll be back for a few more sound effect pieces as the year progresses!
  5. 8F864A61-C4E8-4F99-B596-F4045F4352E2.jpeg Had a nice trip up to Epic today and was made very welcome with bacon rolls and coffee to start with.
    Paul and Jimmy were fantastic hosts.
    I left with a car full of quality pyro all at their very generous discount they are doing for members at the moment.
    All I can say is they are 5 Star guys.
    Thanks for everything.
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    Well done.


    Now that's what I can service :D
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    It is great up there. I'm trying to make another excuse to go to Sheffield. Come to think of it I need a certain part for my truck ;). Only went for a chance to see the place and staff. Next think I've got this lot ready for BFN or a summer BBQ...

    Very pleasant in there, will be collecting a few more pieces throughout the year :D. 20190316_185940.jpg