Esco fireworks ninja bangers

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    Hey all. Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the lovely weather we have today. Just wanted a little background history on some collectable bangers I was lucky enough to get hold of.


    ninja bangers



    Peace and love
  2. Tinderbox

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    Let's have a look at em lad!
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    Looks like they were around in 1994. IMG_8676.JPG
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  4. Tinderbox

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    I remember when Bright Star brought out the blue box of 99p bangers about the same time. I would put money on that these Esco ones were made in the same factory. The bright Star ones were a loose filled fine blackpowder charge and went with a satisfying bang.


    Lee's done a vid:
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  5. I never saw these bangers or anything else shown in the picture above, those rocket designs are new to me!
  6. o_O