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  1. Jon

    Jon Pro Firer/Crew

    Who is tempted to play tonight? I never normally bother but who can turn down 157m?
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  2. hofnerite

    hofnerite UKFR Stash Photo 2018 Winner! Supports UKFR

    I could do with house in the middle of 5000 acres of nothing! ;)
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  3. Jon

    Jon Pro Firer/Crew

    You could register a store and buy insurance then roll on cat4 shows every night!!
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  4. Has there ever been a UKFR syndicate?

    I seem to remember something, but could have been a different forum.

    Ticket purchased for tonight!
  5. Theres a house in cardigan bay with 8 acres up for 365000 on zoopla.
    if only...
  6. Pyro Pete

    Pyro Pete Forum Editor

    Yes there used to be one, but dwindling interest saw me disband it after 300 draws :)

    In 2013 we won £160 in total split 22 ways and in 2012 we won £253 split 23 ways so it wasn't hugely successful. The biggest single win was £141 (four numbers in Lotto).
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  7. I'd certainly enter the syndicate, should one start up again.
  8. maxywell

    maxywell Supports UKFR

    A better question would be how much would you spend on pyro if you had 157m? :D

    I'd be tempted to take over the local Nov 5th council display or just setup up a competing event and make it the best in the UK.I'm thinking 100k would be a decent budget for that.For my own personal stash i think about 3k would be enough to get everything i want.Maybe i'd setup some sort of Ukfr event although i might get a bit carried away with that...
  9. Jon

    Jon Pro Firer/Crew

    Better still it's 167m!
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  10. Jon

    Jon Pro Firer/Crew

    No one won.....we still have a chance on Friday!!
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  11. cynical boy here, but the way to look at it- imagine putting a bet on every Premiership match to be 7-0, Liverpool going the rest of the season without scoring, or United winning any away match. Couple of quid might win 100 Million.

    could happen, but actually won't. :p
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  12. Jon

    Jon Pro Firer/Crew

    If I remember the odds of the jackpot is 1 in 14million But to get into the first level of money is only 1 in 14.

    So the jackpot is rather unlikely but you can still win some money :)
  13. Tiltman

    Tiltman Supports UKFR

    yeah, obviously I wouldn't bother if it was only, say, £50m!

    Ultimately the reality is of course that your return is significantly more beneficial than usual, say, 300%? So pot odds are dramatically improved. Except, the intial pot odds stank of shit.

    So, yeah, I'll have a couple of bob on it ;)
  14. Pyro Pete

    Pyro Pete Forum Editor

    It's 1 in 139 million for the top prize on Euromillions. Or another way, if you bought a million tickets you'd still have less than 1 in a 100 chance of winning the jackpot.

    They've also maxed out the jackpot so it's a "roll down" for any extra prize money available, to the lower tiers (hence it's "still" £167m jackpot).
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  15. Jon

    Jon Pro Firer/Crew

    Sorry I was thinking of the national lottery odds not Euro millions!!

    But you have to be in it to win it eh?

  16. or.... if you bought 139 million tickets you would be guaranteed to win!!! :D But might be obliged to share the prize :D
  17. Well was it one of us on here that won the jackpot?? I know it wasnt me as I kept hoping an email would pop up :D
  18. done it still not checked ticket had 3 lucky dipps when fuelled up... check when got chance to busy on show designing
  19. Surely you would check before designing shows? :rolleyes:
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  20. Still not checked LOL..