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  1. I have been on the lookout for a new firing system for a few months now, i was hoping to see what the Launch Kontrol system was like, but that looks like pie in the sky, the Firetek works out a bit expensive as is the cobra system. The firestorm kit looks good but again, a bit on the high side, so i have gone for the WPS pro system, with a total of 144 cues run from one remote base unit instead if 8 units like the cobra.

    The WPS pro comes with all the kit you require, remote, receiver, cable, slats, and charger all for less than a grand. I had a play with the system and to be honest it was so easy to set up and program, even for me !

    wps system.JPG

    Now we had a small display to do for the Queens birthday, nothing to big as it was just for a small village get together, so out came the WPS. Set-up was even a pleasure with the way you can put the slats where you want them, and not using 5meter igniter wires everywhere, also with the test function from the remote takes out the guess work testing each cue. we were firing the display in step mode as i did not know some of the timings of the cat 3 cakes.

    setup 21 april 2016.jpg

    When the time came to start the display, with all the cues tested, and the count down started by the crowd, we hit the fire button in step mode, No No No as the first cake set off then the next one and the next, by the time i paused the system by pressing the fire button again, seven cakes fired almost at once. not good for me, but the audience loved it, when the last cake fired and i had a few seconds delay and i pressed fire again, holding my breath, the next cake fired on cue no problem, so we carried on to plan with the rest of the cake and shells.

    What happened? back home i went through the set up and testing with the WPS with no problems at all, untill the last try, and bingo the system went into a fire all mode with a 1 second delay between cues.
    The clue was the 1 second delay, so reading the manual (yes i know) read it first, if you are using the step mode, and you keep the fire button pressed for more then 1 second which is a very shot time (easy done with cold wet hands in the middle of a field), the remote goes into sequence mode with a default set at 1 second fire between cues.

    I contacted WPS and spoke to Ivars, and asked if the default time of 1 second between the step and sequence can be changed to say 3 seconds, and can the display on the remote can say sequence when in that mode. within 2 hours i had a update to the remote downloaded and working.

    This is NOT a criticism to WPS, but a learning curve for me and anyone else who as purchased a WPS system, Contact WPS and ask for the sequence mode update, also change your default sequence time from 1 second to say 15 seconds just in case.

    I would like to thank WPS and Ivars for your help and making a very easy system to use (now)

    ps, the display was a great success that they have booked us again for later in the year
  2. Thank you for your feedback.
    I do agree, that 1 second for button hold might be too short, for that reason next full software update will come with 3 seconds as a standard.
    It's all part of the process, more feedback the better.
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    Nice one Kev looks a good piece of kit you have there
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