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  1. Hi all!

    Firstly thanks for all the useful threads and questions and answers! I have been using the site on and off for 2-3 years. I was put in charge of the back yard display and my uncles house about 5 years ago! Since then I’ve had the bug... less organised this year and more fireworks to setup and fire for the coming Saturday.. however I have a msq12 to lend a hand. :) uploaded some stash pics from last year Post setup in the garage and this year!

    4870B064-6B3B-4AD5-9DF8-D68601C39838.jpeg 2BC46BA4-9CAB-4498-99CF-9F940944E3D9.jpeg

    5 mins ago.. without having built any racks or waterproofing :-@


    To do: - buy 2 fan cakes for mid show or pre finale
    - waterproof
    - build racks for rockets (to fit 20)
    - build racks for candles fountains and wheels
    - Visco fuse together a number of cakes rockets and candles for use from queue system
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    Welcome along :)
  3. Welcome the forum and the stash pictures from last year look Epic! Your rocket rack seemed a bit overloaded though :p
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  6. Hello and welcome :)
  7. hello and a belated welcome
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