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  1. What was the first firework you remember lighting?

    Mine was a tiny little fountain made by Wessex (possibly a Pains-Wessex) called a Feathery Fire. It cost 3p in 1976 and, incredibly, I bought it at the local shop despite being only 10 years old! I think the shop owner just wanted us shot from the shop. I remember it as a little blue, red and white thing, not the larger green and white version. (I'm after one, should anybody have one spare.)

    It would be interesting to know whether bangers feature high in the firsts?
  2. hofnerite

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    SnowStorm by Standard. I remember the purple wrapping, the smell of the box, the excitement that will NEVER be beaten. Aged about 12 I think.
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  3. RocketRev

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    Standard's Snowstorm. (Closely followed by Traffic Light".):)

    And the first firework that I remember yearning for was a rocket that emitted more than just a couple of stars! The bottle launched selection box rockets were fun, but didn't exactly "light up the sky". I remember seeing some rockets set off down the street that produced a small burst of several stars - and I remember wishing I could have some rockets like that. In those days they were considered good - nowadays we'd think nothing of them!
  4. One of my all time favourites a "Traffic Light" in 1967.
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  5. elmo

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    Snowstorm for me too
  6. First I remember was the Standard Jackpot. Would be about 1973. First favourite was the Golden Zodiac in the mid seventies. Lovely lampblack based fountain that has to be seen up close to be appreciated. First big boys firework was a Standard Size 12 Ground Mine in 1978. Now all smoke and memories...
  7. Pyro Pete

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    I'm afraid it was French bangers for me, I had a bit of a misspent youth. I promise you I didn't put anything through letterboxes or blow up phone boxes though!
  8. It almost embarrasses me to mention it but the first firework that I lit was a sparkler :rolleyes: ... *quickly crawls back under my stone*
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  9. A Pains-Wessex red flare - can't remember the name, but I do remember that I "pinched" it from my selection box and lit it somewhere I shouldn't. I would have been about 8 at the time and couldn't wait for GFN.
    Approaching 40 years later, I still can't!:)
  10. Charlie

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    French bangers for me also when i was knee high to a grasshopper, followed by traffic light.
  11. Andy_P

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    Banshee and/or Screech Owl.

    Brocks_Banshee.jpg Brocks_Screech_Owl.jpg

    Remember when I was about 10, rigging a Screech Owl up on fine thread across the garden so it looked like it was flying. :)
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  12. geoff

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    I think it was a cone called Dragons Tooth by Brocks, very soon moved on to Bangers though.:)

  13. That's true... sparklers were probably most peoples' first close encounter of the pyro kind.
  14. Richard Lane

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    Standard Niagara falls for me!
  15. Escht

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    Firework Art

    Do you mean this one.......... ?
  16. Ahhhhh. That's the one! I bought it with a friend and we went straight to the local park and lit it in broad daylight. Lots of smoke but little else in the bright light. A few seconds of gentle flame.

    Still the best firework ever.

  17. I remember buying one if these about 9 year ago, and loving it, first fireworks I brought with my own money....

    TNT big boom time selection box, from asda.

  18. RocketRev

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    That would have been TNT's 1st year in the UK - they bought Millennium Pyrotechnics to get a ready made base in the UK. That was also my 1st year crewing on pro displays. I'd just joined Millennium and my first display was a TNT product demo from an ASDA carpark! A whole range of retail fireworks with a nice little cat4 display to round things off with.:)
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  19. didn't mind TNT, that selection box was very decent, big thing, nothing like you get now.....
  20. Escht

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    Well this one is available ............. unfortunately it has been emptied by previous owner, he made small hole in clay baseplug to empty it , item itself is in great condition..................