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    They are from the late 80s hence the union flag logo from 1988.
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    i agree.... time to show some of the other bits you mentioned...
    IMG_0889.JPG IMG_0914.JPG IMG_0916.JPG
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    Things of beauty!!
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    IMG_4404 (1).JPG IMG_4404.JPG IMG_4407.JPG IMG_4409.JPG
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  6. Never seen those candles before, were they only in the display packs?
  7. They made 18 inch long effect candles for the display packs. They were larger versions of the shop goods. I remember the local Scouts’ display used these. Nice to see again.
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    heres more from the same pack
    IMG_4412.JPG IMG_4413.JPG IMG_4414.JPG IMG_4415.JPG
  9. The first non-banger fireworks I can remember buying (with the help of my parents) was the Astra "mini" selection box - like the one at the start of this thread: https://www.fireworks-forum.org.uk/threads/1980s-astra.29177/ but with a white box and a lot less fireworks inside! I remember being rather underwhelmed by the contents (all small fountains) but what sticks out most in my memory was that, instead of touchpaper, the fireworks had visco-type fuses held in place with foam "corks"! This would have been 1989 or 1990 I think. Standard carried on using blue touchpaper for their fireworks up to the end of UK manufacturing, I think, so I'm not sure why Astra did this.

    The same year I was also given a Chinese-made fountain - I think it was called "Phoenix Tail" - which was the first imported firework I'd seen (excluding occasional finds of spent rockets). Unlike the Astra box, I remember being seriously impressed by this one, which went on for what seemed like 2 minutes with about 5 or 6 different effects, despite being a fairly modest size (about the diameter of a Standard air bomb, with a square plastic base)
  10. "Phoenix Tailhowl Fountain", one of the first whistling fountains.
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    Something like this, about the size of a small Malteeser box.......... contents might not be quite correct in this example as it was already open when I found it.
    IMG_8050.JPG IMG_8051.JPG

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  12. That's the one - thanks for posting the photos (couldn't find any of this particular box online). I don't remember mine having the bigger Floodlight but I really can't be sure, all I remember is it had a lot of small and rather similar fountains in it!

    I never rated Astra very highly compared to Standard, either the box + label artwork or the effects of the fireworks themselves, which seemed (like the artwork) a lot less varied and imaginative. But they did have a few interesting effects of their own, like the "Halley's Comet" shot tube.
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