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    Our footage filmed from 50 metres:

    This was one of the favourites on the night. The above footage explains why! Huge bursts and super bright colours. Absolute quality. I fired two different batches of Cannonade, both were equally impressive, one lasting 45 seconds and the other (the one above) just over 50 seconds.
    • RRP: £44.99
    • Shots: 30
    • Duration: 45 secs
    • Safety distance: 25 m
    • Category: F3
    • NEQ: 660g
    • Tube Size: 30mm
    Stock footage:

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    Why are they using videos of fireworks that look completely different :mad::mad::mad::mad: again another good video tho :cool:
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    Strange one that, some of the shots near the end looked quite weak for 30mm while most towards the start and the finale looked huge...
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    If there are two batches with different firing times, do they both have the same effects? Any idea how we tell which batch we have :confused:

    Thanks for filming these:)
  5. POB's Pyro

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    All retail fireworks are hand made in haste so there will be variation in timings in all brands and products between same and different batches. Evolution seems to be +/- 10% is pretty good and on par with say Celtic. Mars is the only product I've seen as good as +/- 5% whilst other brands are up to +/- 50%...

    The easiest way to check a batch is to look at the date of manufacture on the firework packaging. Ideally try and match the year of manufacture with the year the video was taken. I must confess I don't know which Cannonade was which, but they were essentially identical in effects anyway.
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    Yeah I get that there are production vagaries that affect timing - not having a pop at anyone and accept that is just a part of the game.:p

    I bought 2 as the description was exactly what i wanted. How much of that description remains...well, I will let you know once fired :)