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  2. Yes, looks a decent range of product too
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    Lol not another one
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    Some nice bits in there
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    liking the branding. And some nice bits :)
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    Ex FI owner.

    Second time around maybe..........?
  7. Bit quick to put this in place within 2 months ......... unless ........... ;)
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    He's a man with a finger in many pies :D
  9. An
    you talking about selection boxes for the shootout?!;):p
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  10. I didn't have any dealings with FI (though liked a fair few of their products) but the Evolution products and brand do look smart in my opinion...

    A few early highlights for me after a quick browse of the China footage:

    Solar, RRP £12.99:

    Starlight, RRP £24.99:

    Black Hole, RRP £54.99:

    Ecliptic, RRP £74.99:

    I look forward to seeing footage of the rockets and some of the barrages not yet with footage. The problem is we are already spoilt for choice with great brands and products as it is!
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  11. This isn’t rewrapped FI
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    Loving starlight
  13. danielpyronutter

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    Solar looks good for the price
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    Like the look of starlight.
  15. Me too, quite different always good
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    Me too, I like the secondary blinking/strobe effect in the background of the fish effect, not seen those 2 effects together before. Tourbillions are nice too!
  19. I wouldn't want to try to break into the hawk market and make any profit.
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