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    Our footage filmed from 50 metres:

    • RRP: £39.99
    • Shots: 25
    • Duration: 45 secs
    • Safety distance: 25 m
    • Category: F3
    • NEQ: 475g
    • Tube Size: 30mm
    Stock footage:

  2. AlanCee29

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    I wanted to like this but I don't know if it's ur camera or the product itself but ur film seems as if it's lacking the strobe intensity compared to the original video, whats ur take on it @POB's Pyro ? Is it just the camera or is the firework u set off lacking a bit?
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  3. POB's Pyro

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    I'd say the white strobe was good but perhaps not as intense as expected. The red strobe was definitely lacking a bit. Deep Impact was definitely better overall.
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