Evolution Solar Wind

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    RRP: £45
    • Shots: 120
    • Noise level: 2
    • Duration: 75 secs
    • Safety distance: 25 m
    • Category: F3 – LOW NOISE
    • NEQ: 900g
    • Tube Size: 20/25mm
  2. RRP £99.99 :)
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    I stand corrected :rolleyes:
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    My footage filmed from 50 metres:

    Fantastic to see so many low noise effects packed into one barrage. Great for anyone who wants a big cake with beautiful effects that won't cause much if any disruption :)

    P.S. Any eagle eye viewers will notice the first set of comets and flying fish are actually the second set that I had to copy and paste to the beginning as the camera had been switched off and missed the first lot :rolleyes:
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    I'm glad this one turned out like the stock video :)
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  6. It’s reputation remains intact phew
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