Rocket Extreme Rockets

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  1. RRP. £24.99 each
    6oz 4 Effects
    EU CAT 3
    1.3G Meshed to 1.4G
    Spectator Safety Distance 25m
    Manufacturer / Importer Planet Fireworks
    Availability July / August 2015
    Filmed in China

    Superb huge breaks from these new heavyweight rockets that fill the sky and with long hanging effects including gold brocade crown, willow to blue, green palm trees with gold and gold brocade to blue pistils.


  2. I'd describe this as Gold Rain to Blue with Crackling Pistil. I think it comes as the second rocket in the Planet Video above.
  3. These are going to be the rockets I use for this year. Looking forward to volleying a few of them with their stunning effects and big bursts.
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    Wow just wow
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