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    As a lot of you may have had the unfortunate pleasure of coming across these cavemen on Facebook (FAB Firework campaign page) just a heads up, I was reading comments that they are now starting to target retail shops by calling trading standards and the authorities etc and have started reporting retail shops around the country as being open for business and for being “Non essential shops” I don’t know where the ground lies with this as I’m not lucky enough to have my own retail store ( YET )

    But on a side note how dare they say fireworks are non essential!!! Last night I went out back and burned a few bits of fuse just to get the smell, it’s an addiction, I swear I was sat in a corner rocking back and forth in a dark room sweating and hallucinating but soon as that smell hit me it all vanished :p
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  2. They probably don’t realise that under tier4 restrictions fireworks shop are able to open 4 click and collect
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    Ah ok, didn’t know how it was working out for people with shops, main thing is they are still able to stay open which will be yet another bee in the ban brigades bonnet
  4. At least this lockdown in Wales they have let us open during the firebreak in Wales they made us shut with only a delivery service available
  5. Yeh seen the above, and the local southeast itv news just played a segment of a quivering dog its owner asking for tighter controls. No train your damn dog isn't hard I've done it many thousands do. Secondly only last month they were reporting how much of a shame lewes ect was cancelled. Hate the targeted approach of eroding the last real british historical date we celebrate.
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  6. I'm Sorry I would write to ITV and complain what the heck are they doing. we are in a pandemic, we have just signed probably the biggest trade deal in recent history, we are close to a state of emergency, Kent declares a major incident.


    ok rant over. (sorry guys)
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  7. Just had an email asking me to sign that bloody Doorne's petition again!, now she is trying to stop New Year celebrations with the usual animal crap!, i deleted it as usual!
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    This will be her only legacy. What a sad woman.
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    She's in danger of becoming public enemy number one. It's fine - to a point - of being a minority or fringe/weirdo movement, but when the public at large understand what she's trying to take away, they won't like it.
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    The tide has definitely turned. Every anti-firework moan is now met with pro-firework comments all across social media. People are sick of the pathetic moaning.
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    Comments from them moaning I’ve read today on there page

    1. The artwork on fireworks, because it was a picture of someone wearing a mask it looks menacing and will send messages to people to misuse them

    2. Reporting retail shops left right and centre

    3. (this is my absolute favourite) Phoning the police because a neighbours fireworks landed in my garden and it’s against the law as it doesn’t conform to a 15m safety distance.

    The complete stupidity from these people is utterly insane, it’s actually scary knowing we share a planet with these people.
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    My personal favourite recent post.

    stupid comment.png

    What a bunch of f*****g idiots.
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  13. These people will moan regardless. There glass is half empty never half full and if and extremely unlikely they do ban fireworks these sad sheltered people will attack another hobby which conflicts in there self absorbed interest. Bored of them now as to is the current legisation bodies governing fireworks. Still happy new year all only 20 mins at time of writing till firing time happy new year.
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    The hilarious part is every single thing they come out with (as an argument) they fail to realise we can turn every single point on its head
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    2020-FAB Firework anti brigade
    2021-DAB Dogging anti brigade
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    Had a look on their petition earlier today then again just now expecting it to have gained a lot of sigs, barely added 1000 to it today. She won't be happy. :D
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    It’s absolutely ridiculous how many petitions they start, it’s atleast one a month, people are bound to be pissed off to the hills looking at them, these people seriously need to get a life or a hobby, I’ve always imagined the person as the kind that still lives on there parents sofas, wearing dinosaur underwear whilst eating bowls of alphabet spaghetti whilst watching there daily dose of the power puff girls
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  18. I have to say that tonight, for the first time ever, on a local page any anti posts about fireworks were absolutely shot down with pro firework comments telling them to stop moaning and get a life/train your dog etc etc. In fact, one woman’s anti post was met with such uproar that she eventually took it down. Now thats progress! It’s been a good read!
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    It is all about training your dog, I’ve got a German shepherd who if he comes out to the garden, as long as someone’s stood with him is perfectly fine, loves watching fireworks, if we don’t let him out we shut him in the living room as it’s the furthest room away from the garden and we also turn up the television and he’s completely chilled, end of the day if the antis have pets they are the owners, it’s entirely there responsibility to look after there pets instead of leaving them to shit themselves year in year out then blame other people cause your such a Lego munching dipshit who can’t look after your pet properly, furthermore I wouldn’t be surprised if half these idiots let there pets suffer on purpose just so they can get a good video or photo to further there own agendas as we seem to be dealing with the kind of people who will stop at absolutely nothing to prove they are right
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    I had to smile when reading their FB page today and everyone was moaning how much worse it was last night.......imagine that, banning public displays caused more people to have them at home....i never thought that would happen! Hopefully they will learn from that experience.
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