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    They won’t be happy with the praise radio 2 are giving the country’s displays from last night right now.
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    Yip they are completely raging at Jeremy vine as they thought it was going to be a case of him discussing wether they should be banned, they ain’t happy as it was about rating your neighbours display hahahahahahaha
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  3. FAB are at their lowest ebb these days. The popularity of fireworks over the lockdown and the professional way the fireworks trade has dealt with very short notice changes to policy show the strength in depth that the Fireworks Industry has. It might be interesting to compare this to the number of horses bought for racing and/or recreational use that have been put down during the lockdown due to them no longer being viable "assets."

    Keep you chins held high everyone, and be proud of what you do.
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    Most definitely... I had 1 moaner last night, 1 of the usual local names :rolleyes:. The they were quickly shot down by all other comments, and it even appeared to put the other usual faces off jumping on the bandwagon...

    I think they've finally realised that the more they moan the bigger my shows get ;). It started as a few cakes and rockets down the bottom of the garden, then became bigger each year, salutes got added, dump cakes were included, then the last 2 years it was only feasible to pull it off safely by firing from the garden, shed roof and garage roof... and they still moaned (albeit I revieved more compliments).

    This time I went all out, got a field, 3 position musical and only 1 person moaned :p. I think they're slowly getting the message :rolleyes:.
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    I think a couple of things have started happening with people now as the fuse was lit and now that shells been ignited, they are completely sick and tired of the constant moaning from this lot now, people just want to be able to have a bit of fun and be left alone, especially with the weird times our planet is in having fun is what breaks the ice for all of us and if we didn’t have fun people would snap.

    People are now starting to see right through these people and there complete bullshit stories they like to make up, they don’t realise the more they keep on with constant petitions and moaning the more people are going to rebel against them with two fingers up, it’s nice to see for every anti fireworks comment there’s 10 pro firework comments at the back of it, all these antis are is a bunch of cowardly bullies, maybe as kids there parents deprived them all of a sparkler or two :rolleyes:
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    I can't see that it's been mentioned on here already, (sorry if it has), but the endorsement of the year award must go to the Queen. In the first minute of her Christmas Message HMQ said:

    'Last month, fireworks lit up the sky around Windsor, as Hindus, Sikhs and Jains
    celebrated Diwali, the festival of lights, providing joyous moments of hope and
    unity despite social distancing.'

    Perhaps Her Majesty might appreciate being made an honorary UKFR member... ;)
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    I posted this to the UK Firework Alliance page about 10 mins after she said it! Glad to see Liz is a pyrohead too!
  8. If they are good enough for the Queen then they are good enough for us all!, she has loads of horses and dogs too so stick that in your pipe, FAB!
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    And if there’s one thing her majesty would never let anything happen to or any harm come to is her horses as she absolutely adores them, she’s also the president for numerous animal charity’s also
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    I've discovered a Dr. Good's type cure all for these sorts of morons. Ignore them. Mute them from any social media feed and ignore them in person. It's brilliant. No stress, frustrations or endless pointless discussion. They get nowhere with you and you go ahead loving fireworks. Increase and repeat dosage as required.
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  11. Exactly, just let them implode.
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    Did anyone, especially @hofnerite notice that the petition gained 5k signatures in a few hours last night, I was watching it tick up every few seconds, now it’s static and hasn’t moved, makes me think they ‘bought’ the last 5k to get it over the 300k mark.

    Either that or the inner circle spent a few hours creating false email accounts and signatures - it was very unusual given the reach her posts were getting (very limited)
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    They have spammed every page, group, channel imaginable. Even totally off topic ones. But yes I'd imagine they have used every trick in the book.
    I have enough email addresses and through the use of a VPN to legitimately sign a petition 45 times.
    If it can't beat the 305k their last one did, they are in trouble as the last was shut early because of the election.
    It'll be the third year in a row where the signature numbers have dropped.
    What a shame.
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    No you can't! You're 49,000 short! :D:p:cool:
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    @hofnerite and to think this year they had the best chances of a high petition count, lots of people at home all hours to have their ears glued to the glass enabling a moan about fireworks. The nation is generally more angry this year too.. but nope, this has not furthered the cause.

    It seemed to be very strange how that last 5k came in as it was very quiet since the new year. I will be dropping a mail to the committee with my ‘concerns’ - see what comes back. It’s fairly easy to see trends in the raw data, I imagine they have to remove 30% off all petitions to be honest - and that’s being kind!
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    Apparently they "have ways" to determine genuine signatures. They wouldn't divulge any more than that but I'd guess it's IP based, limited to two per email address and probably rate limited so if a load come in bulk from the same IP or area they get filtered.
    They admitted they have no idea how many individuals sign the petitions though. And interestingly they said that the person signing would have no idea whether their signature was successful or not as moderation happens invisibly. Make of that what you like!
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    Interesting - I think what the initial data suggests is that there are somewhere in the region of 100k FABbers that sign the same petition year on year. Probably recruiting less people than they are losing.

    It is also a stark reminder that the issue is not a ‘growing’ concern or ‘worsening year on year’ in fact it seems to be going the other way. This is the key tearline that the firework community need to takeaway and champion going forward. It’s a simple shut down to anyone arguing that the problem is worsening - in this case the data speaks for itself, well in all cases of anti-firework rhetoric to be quite fair. I don’t think I have actually seen an opinion from them backed up by reasoned logic and evidential data.

    On a lighter note/random fact; watching some random crap on the tv tonight (Excuse the pun).. about dog shit clear up costing the U.K. taxpayers 22 million a year...
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    So realistically 50k as they can sign twice with the same email address, and we know they do.
    Or if they have two email addresses, 25k.
    Doesn't take a lot to bring that 300k down to the possibility of it being just the 20k that follow the FAB pages!
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    I just love the fact that our entire lives are completely changing, our planet is completely changing, people are dying all over the world by the thousands due to Covid yet all they are bothered about is fireworks, it seems they’ve got more of a passion for fireworks than we bloody do! Talk about priorities eh!

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    Apparently they are FAB no more - they are now "firework campaign"

    Hilariously one of the first comments was "shouldn't it be anti-firework campaign?" :D