Fallas 2019 - who’s going ??

Discussion in 'Las Fallas' started by elmo, Mar 21, 2018.

  1. elmo

    elmo Pro Firer/Crew

    Thought it was about time to start this off......
    @Madfish ?????;)
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  2. blackbat

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  3. Da Main Mouse

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    Im hoping to go this time, apparently a friend has a villa half hour outside valencia?
    Be good to tag along with people who knew where its all goi g down?

    Maybe the mrs will understand the facination if shes felt the booms in real life
  4. gareth71

    gareth71 Pro Firer/Crew

    Haven't been for a few years, but I might try to get across next year. To be honest, though, I might go for a few days a bit earlier in Fallas rather than around 19th - Valencia's a great city to spend some time in at any time, I'd still catch a few main square mascletas, cheaper air fares, cheaper hotels, and it would be great to catch a mascleta vertical.
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  5. wilkins1kc

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    Really enjoyed it this year.....so a good chance we'll be back.
  6. Pyromania

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    After seeing all the fun that everyone has had this year, I’m getting very tempted for 2019...
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  7. wilkins1kc

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    I'd thought about going for a few years.....it was really excellent. So much going on.
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  8. RocketRev

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    Got my room reserved at the Venecia already. So I'm planning on going. Will confirm when flights are booked. I can cancel the room up to December without charge, so I've time to make sure I really can go.
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  9. Illusion Fireworks

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    Not me next year :)
  10. Da Main Mouse

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    Dam was hoping we could all muscle in on your advantagous viewing you had this year!
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  11. Pauld201

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    Not sure yet, wouldn’t mind a trip to Malta or even Japan.
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  12. Illusion Fireworks

    Illusion Fireworks British Firework Champions 2018 UKFR Sponsor

    I think Fallas has peaked and passed, time to find something new :)
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  13. Fire Monkey Pyro

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    Malta next month
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  14. RocketRev

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    Some Maltese firework folk were staying in the same hotel as me, so I've made a good contact.:) 10th August was mentioned as a good time to go for one of the festivals with good fireworks.

    For me, though, there's a lot more to Las Fallas than the fireworks that's of interest and relevance to me. And I love Valencia. So I reckon I've not done with Las Fallas yet. But I only get 4 weekends a year off duty and need some of those for family time. So I suppose the question for me is whether to go again next year or Malta instead with a return to Las Falla's in a later year.
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  15. meggsy

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    Was great to see you and catch up, after all these years I got my own Barracho scars although not as bad as yours. Hopefully catch up again soon.
  16. Damp Squib

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    A question indeed - I hope you resolve it. Religious belief drives Fallas, as it does the Maltese feasts, (and thousands of pyro fests all over the world) but they are worlds apart. Same faith, completely different culture, and an astonishing home grown firework industry.

    I think you might enjoy it :).
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  17. Dodgey

    Dodgey Pro Firer/Crew

    I'm going next year, plus around 6 mates.
  18. I needed a year off this year and planned to go back in 2019. I found it crazy busy in 2017 and could not get around, without much stress. I am concerned about the comments on the night time didplays this year, but Fallas appears to draw me back anyway.

    Valencia is a fantastic place and I am flying out very soon. Hopefully get booked for 2019 and the magic will return :)

  19. Dodgey

    Dodgey Pro Firer/Crew

    Once you have done a few years I find it much more enjoyable to go when the majoraty of the festival doesn't fall over a weekend. I like a good atmosphere, but it gets just too much. 2019 should be quite civilised. I went one year when it was all midweek and it was the most relaxing Fallas ever.

    What were the riverbed displays like this year? I've not really been that amazed for quite a few years now. No more "rediculous" shell finales. Mind you, I'm often pissed by 1am so it really doesn't matter. As long as I can toss No. 4's randomly around I'm happy :)
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  20. Illusion Fireworks

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