Fallas 2019 - who’s going ??

Discussion in 'Las Fallas' started by elmo, Mar 21, 2018.

  1. elmo

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    Holy moly !!!!:eek:
  2. Pyromania

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    ‘Kin ‘Ell! There’s premiums, then there’s taking the p*ss! :eek:
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    What's the Spanish for "bloody chancer"? :eek:
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  4. I thought this year was really lame. (River bed) not a single Spanish or Italian multi-break and lots of Chinese looking material.

    Wasn’t very impressed at all.
  5. My flights are booked but getting digs is the issue had 4 confirmations and all have then adjusted to double and almost triple the price.
  6. Madfish

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    Where are you flying from Steve?
  7. elmo

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    didn't think flights were out yet????
  8. Madfish

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    I'm guessing @steve is possibly going Manchester - Alicante? - quite a few operators have that route on sale already :) I was looking at Manchester -Madrid yesterday as a change, currently £62 -ish return but then there is the high speed train to add on, (available as low as 16€ each way in advance).
    Driving down to Stanstead all the time is a pain :(
  9. No Manchester to Valencia 15th at about 9.30 am £60 ish and then Val back to Manchester via Dusseldorf £75ish no long drives involved
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  10. Digs sorted 10 min walk from Ayuntamiento Plaza with the seasonally adjusted price of £443 two bed apartment 5 nights woo hoo!
  11. elmo

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    Easy jet flights from Gatwick now available for March 2019:)
  12. blackbat

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    And Luton, although you'd need to return on the 21st...
  13. RocketRev

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    Yes & Booked.... I'd got the heads up from Easyjet a while ago, so was ready to book & waiting at midnight only to find they took the system down for essential maintenance overnight! Still, got booked at breakfast time.

    So it's 14th-20th for me, flying Gatwick ~ Valencia (07:40 flight out, 21:20 flight back), staying at the Venecia again.
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  14. DannyB

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    Just booked Glynn and I, LGW - VLC out on 15th, back on 20th. Different flights to Julian though 12:35 out and 11:35 back. Waiting to hear on Apartment.
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  15. elmo

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    any idea when Ryanair release flights?
  16. RocketRev

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    See you & Glynn in Valencia, again, then @DannyB :)
    Usual places & times, I suppose?;)
  17. BA flights were bookable about a week after we returned. All BA flights can be book 355 days in advance.
  18. DannyB

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  19. I was thinking of going next year (first time) but being a total Fallas noob i have a few questions.

    When is the best time to book and who with?

    Where are the best places to go? As in other than the main shows where and when are the best mascletas etc?

    Going by some of the posts on this thread it seems like it's lost something over the last few years but is it still worth the effort and money for someone who hasn't been before or would it be a let down?
  20. elmo

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    You won’t be let down, where else are you going to get deafened in March ??:D

    Seriously book ASAP
    EasyJet or Ryanair, depending where you fly from
    There are literally hundreds of hotels, bnb’s hostels etc to suit all budgets
    Just make sure you get price confirmation so not to get stung by ‘fallas’ rates

    You won’t regret it ;)
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