Fallas Riverbed displays future move?

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    The Valencian pirotechnicians believe a move to the Central park in the future may be sensible to allow the displays to be on the same level as the audience.
    The current riverbed location means a lot of effects are unusable or not seen to their full potential as they are fired 5 metres below crowd level plus the obstruction of the trees. the hire of platforms to raise single shots etc is expensive - around €900 per platform.


    Valencia is currently constructing Phase1 of the ambitious Central park, located to the East of the Joaquin Sorolla train station, looking at the plans it seems the project will include taking all the trainlines which head into both Joaquin Sorolla and the North Station underground.

    IMO I struggle to see how the parks layout shown in the design images allows a suitable location for the pyro set up and an area with a clear view for the numbers of spectators that turn out for the current rverbed displays, especially for the Nit de Foc

    Central Park.JPG
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    Surely you would think they will take the displays into consideration whilst construction takes place.
    Especially as it pulls in some big crowds
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    Nice walk as well.
    Burn of some of those churros with chocolate sauce.
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    They should fire them from Plaza Mauor in Mislata (Near Pirotecnica Gorri) that space is MASSIVE!
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  6. Madfish

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    A big space but not exactly central to town - one reason firing at the port has practically been eliminated as the transport for spectators would not cope
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    It would be a shame to lose those unique acoustics that the current site has too :(
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    The riverbed is somehow iconic for the event too, anywhere else wouldn’t seem the same
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    Southport's move of its firework event to the Victoria Park had some significant disadvantages to it....... so I really hope the Valencians think through the park design and layout to avoid those and to create a venue that is properly suited to the firework displays.

    The current riverbed location does have some limitations on the effects that can be used.... but it has a good area for the display setup and one that can be easily secured, with plenty of space for the spectators and easy access for them when arriving and departing. I can't see the park being so good on any of those grounds. As for trees blocking the view - do they have tree preservation orders over there that are stopping some judicious pruning or replanting as the trees grow? The riverbed park is big.... I've walked the length of it and explored every bit of it during a visit outside of Las Fallas..... it's got sections suitably landscaped for various purposes, so why not have one small section of it landscaped to suit Las Fallas?
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    I have to agree - having the castillos anywhere other than the riverbed at Alameda just wouldn't seem quite right, and I can't really see it working as well logistically anywhere else as it does there.
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    Fire the candles etc off the Flower Bridge instead of the Scissor Lifts, sorted!!
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    I wonder how many appartment owners/renters are going to be pissed off. They had the best views. No more balcony rentals for them.
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    At least they won’t have any 50mm candle shots bouncing off their balconies like we have seen in previous years :rolleyes:
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    You told us they paid extra for that.
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