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    Hi Folks,

    This is one of those posts where I am asking for a bit of help.

    I have created a spreadsheet (inspired by ShellCalc and a tool I have seen a screenshot of but was not available to me) that when inputting a safety distance available to you, it marks any shells that exceed that distance in terms of their suggested potential fallout. The chart includes a variety of windspeeds, various tube angles and covers shell sizes from 3"-12".

    I appreciate that tools like this should simply be used as a risk assessment tool and are not a gospel. We all know that all shells behave differently and its hard to include things like the magnus effect etc. But as far as a tool goes, I would like one or two volunteers to try it out and let me have some candid and useful feedback.

    All figures are based on ShellCalc figures and hopefully some of you seasoned Pyro Veterans can offer some useful feedback on the value of a tool such as this.

    Do let me know if you'd like to participate via a conversation or by commenting below and I will get in touch. At this stage I am being careful not to publish it on here until a few of you feel its useful.

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  2. hi would it be possible to get a copy of your fallout spreadsheet
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    Sorry for the delay. Sure I’ll dig out the OneDrive link. Send me a PM and I’ll reply with it.

  4. I’d like a copy of the spreadsheet please. I’ll let you know what I think