Fountain Fantasia

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  1. RRP: £9.99 (2014)
    Category: EU CAT2 - 8m
    Class: 1.4G

    My video, filmed at 20m:

  2. Cullann

    Cullann Pro Firer/Crew

    This seems very similar to Brothers' Hocus Pocus
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  3. I believe a lot of Epic items are (or at least were) made in the same factory as Brothers but with a bit more flash to make it 1.3G (except for this fountain of course ;)).
  4. Yes,Brothers did make fireworks for Epic as it used to be written on the firework labels.
  5. from my birthday display earlier this year.
  6. I have noticed that epics dynamite and brothers lavish produce the same effects however dynamite is 1.3g compared to lavishes 1.4g standard.