Favourite Displays of All Time

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  1. Nayls

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    This was a belter.
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  2. Mine are very random,

    Favourite was Victoria park fireworks when I was sat in a control van in the middle of the firing site with fireworks being set off all around me. (good fun)

    The least favourite was a scout park display where the firing site was behind trees so the whole display was aerial and involved craning neck to see over the trees.

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  3. hofnerite

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    I really like this.. It's quick but wow, this is how you do it!
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  4. Pyro Pete

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    The Dalek and Tardis stunt/SFX stuff done at the end of one of the Woodman events for me, as it was just magical, also scattering Peter's ashes there too, as it was so moving. Plus a special mention to the insanity that was the world record rocket launch in Plymouth, probably the biggest pyro explosion I have seen.


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  5. Never been to it but I intend to go one day. It has to be this display by Vulcano.
    Love the rhythm and the chase sequences, one day when I get a bit better time and firing system I intend to use some of this style.
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  6. Bloody hell, that gave me goosebumps lol - How big were those last two shells fired? They looked absolutely massive haha
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  7. Done Fettling

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    My fav was my first time out in charge and with Cat 4 pyro i had selected and fused up for the Rotary/Roundtable here after yrs of Cat 3 only had been used.
    Lots of noise lots of angled candles Cat 4 shell cakes the works. As it was a charity event the full 3k was spent on Cat 4 so it was a healthy line up all hand fired and concluded with racks of 5 & 6 inch 2X 8 inch and a 12 my first 12 and the last i hand fired. The weather was fantastic all day we were on a rugby pitch with no stuck van.I was as proud as a peacock as i walked towards the crowd from out of the smoke throwing my portfire in the air in the age old ritual shouting "That's all folks" :)
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  8. blackbat

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    I have fond memories of being on the roof of Sandhurst military academy, rigging for Prince William's passing out ceremony. At some point in the afternoon a military police Range Rover pulls up and a guy with a large gun gets out and points up at me and shouts "you on the roof, what are you doing", to which I replied "I'm lacing the roof with explosives". "Very good, sir" he said, and got back in his vehicle and drove off!
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  9. elmo

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    This one for me had it all
    The location the timing the quality the extreme angles and boy was it loud !!!
    Picking cardboard out of my hair all the next day!!
    So hoping to get back out there next year ( as I’m sure a few others are in here ) and if there’s anyone who hasn’t been ........ do it :cool:
  10. Nayls

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    Karen would not be a fan.
  11. Pyro Ed

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    I love reminiscing on the old UKFR site. Those were the days, before Karen really found her gob!
  12. Pyromania

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    That finale...:chair::wub:
  13. elmo

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    It was my brothers first trip to Valencia, he stood gobsmacked for the entire show
    Couldn’t believe things like that actually happen :D
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  14. Madfish

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    I have to concur with @elmo - the "Nit de l'Alba" format introduced in 2018 for the 16th March night display is amazing.

    The intensity at such close proximity and the way the sound is focussed due to the surrounding tall buildings make it very special. Added to the fact that by the time it's fired you have have enjoyed a day and night of 'Cervezu muy frio' makes it one hell of an experience :cool:

    My viewpoint of the same night taken with an SJ cam (Go Pro Chinese copy) so colours a bit poor. Also a quick clip from one of the day Mascleta's showing the 'Valencia Confetti' :D:D

    I can't wait for it to be back in all it's glory :)
  15. Pyrodave1.4

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    Sirotechnics fireworks 2017 British musical fireworks championships, my boss from our company worked with them to help set it up and the outcome was nothing short of incredible, my favourite Pyro musical to date.
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  16. hofnerite

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    I heard that was fired with Cobra modules.. a ridiculous amount of them! I love the flash post chases on the first song.
  17. elmo

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    A genius show design for sure, lovely showcase of outstanding quality product from Europla, photo flashes and ultra fast comets :cool:
  18. POB's Pyro

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    No contest really :cool:
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  19. scoops

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    I remember that weekend well, very busy firing sites and yes about 30 mods on the fronts, each with just 1 cue in :eek:
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