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    It has been a while since we did one of these.. just curious to what your favourite CURRENTLY AVAILABLE fireworks are? Don't have to give a reason, just an answer for each of these categories:

    Best straight barrage:
    Best fanned barrage:
    Best candle/bundle:
    Best fountain:
    Best single rocket or pack:
    Best low noise cake:
    Best wheel/set piece/other/misc:

    Mine would be:

    Best straight barrage: Vivid VIV25I-011 (25sh coloured peonies)
    Best fanned barrage: Celtic Triple Crown
    Best candle/bundle: Zeus Royal Palms
    Best fountain: Black Cat Copper Rain
    Best single rocket or pack: Funke Blattertanz
    Best low noise cake: Jorge Uran
    Best wheel/set piece/other/misc: Pyrogiochi Bengals
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  2. deans6571

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    My few would be:

    Best straight barrage: Wizard 12 Barrage Pack
    Best candle/bundle: Celtic Roman Candles (Wap/ Bom Bom)
    Best fountain: Celtic Giant Crackling Fountain
    Best wheel/set piece/other/misc: Hallmark Mines (Blue Star Eruption)

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  3. Best straight barrage: funke glimmer
    Best fanned barrage: hallmark shockwave
    Best candle/bundle: royal palms zeus
    Best fountain: glacier rising celtic
    Best single rocket or pack: epic sky thriller
    Best low noise cake: brightstar stinger
    Best wheel/set piece/other/misc: three finger jack mines by Kimbolton
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  4. maxywell

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    Haven't used many wheels, set pieces or fountains recently to have an opinion on those, the rest would probably be...

    Best straight barrage: Super white strobe
    Best fanned barrage: If we're allowed compounds then Adrenalize, if not then Candy flies
    Best candle/bundle: Another for the Zeus rp's
    Best single rocket or pack: Hard hitters
    Best low noise cake: Nite tails
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  5. Rob perry

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    Best straight barrage: Brothers Suprise
    Best fanned barrage:Celtic Bish Bash bosh
    Best candle/bundle: JRC 10 60shot
    Best fountain:Kronos
    Best single rocket or pack:afterburner
    Best low noise cake: cross cross
    Best wheel/set piece/other/misc
    Just gonna throw out there as it will soon be overshadowed by goldfinger, brothers suprise fantastic on so many levels. Their best since firework crazy imo. Good hang time, cascades, great blue colour, blue stars every other mine, good pace, large bursts, 10 shot finale, no crackling
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  6. Todge2

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    Best straight barrage: Tough pick between Dye in the Sky (Celtic) and Scala 25b (Funke)
    Best fanned barrage: Glittering Ghost (Celtic)
    Best candle/bundle: Royal Palm (Zeus)
    Best fountain: Glacier Rising (Celtic) or Copper Rain (Black Cat)
    Best single rocket or pack: Supernova Silver Strobe (Primed)
    Best low noise cake: Hokus Pokus (Jorge)
    Best wheel/set piece/other/misc: Colour change handheld bengal lightsabers
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  7. Best straight barrage: Bright Star Zombies from Hell
    Best fanned barrage: Can't use them in my garden, too many trees!
    Best candle/bundle: Klasek Dum Bum 8 shot.
    Best fountain: Epic Halo.
    Best single rocket or pack: Primed Pulsar and Quasar.
    Best low noise cake: Celtic Colourful Crossette.
    Best wheel/set piece/other/misc: Klasek Fountain and Mine 75mm
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  8. Aren’t the Three Fingered Jack mines an old Planet product? Does Zeus do an equivalent??
  9. Your right aha I always get the label of planet mixed up for kimbolton as they look so similar!
  10. BarnOwl

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    Or did they not start of life under the FE banner? (ultimately merged with Planet/Dynamic).. 981FD2E3-BD9B-4F46-BB39-2CA16C5A0AEE.jpeg
  11. BarnOwl

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    Best straight barrage: Sovereign - Thunderbolt
    Best fanned barrage: Epic - Brocade Bonanza
    Best candle/bundle: Celtic RC’s Hong Kong, Wap, Bam & Boogie
    Best fountain: Epic - Fantasia
    Best single rocket or pack: Epic- Sky Thriller/Bright Star - War Hawks
    Best low noise cake: Celtic - Slow then Go/Jorge - Hokus Pokus
    Best wheel/set piece/other/misc: Hallmark - Blue Star Eruption
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    @Pyro Pete and @Trafalgar Fireworks will know the exact history, but the Jacks were not ce'd so just a distant, though very pleasant memory. Except I think I have a set somewhere...;)
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