FBW Digital Manual Panel

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  1. Learn about the new FireByWire Digital Manual Panel.

    Integrated FireByWire wireless diversity network.

    * 3 FBW cable outputs
    * Dual wireless modules (diversity or dual simultaneous path independent frequency operation)
    * Charge port and mains charger
    * USB interface for laptop show firing
    * WiFi and Ethernet support for future developments

    Available now for £3450 + VAT

    Introductory discount for orders paid for (25% deposit) before 1st July - £2950 + VAT

    Monthly payment option available with deposit and 12 equal monthly payments.

  2. Pyro Ed

    Pyro Ed Pro Firer/Crew

    Cool, except for pressing P moves onto the next module. That should be user settable as I'm sure that is more annoying than useful, demo video shows why this could be :)
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  3. Thanks Ed.

    In settings have these options...

    Beep on arm
    Beep when trying to fire in test mode
    Auto roll over
    Leds going out when pressed


  4. Pyro Ed

    Pyro Ed Pro Firer/Crew

    Perfect. That was it really. Pretty comprehensive bit of kit.
  5. elmo

    elmo Pro Firer/Crew

    Really like that, nice bit of kit and certainly ticks many boxes :)