FBW radio - firing Stanford 2019 closing display

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  1. Yesterday we fired our closing display using the new V4 launcher and radio modules.

    Here is a FOH video, shame about the smoke hanging for all 4 displays.

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  2. Illusion Fireworks

    Illusion Fireworks Pro Firer/Crew

    Another big step for the system!
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  3. Pauld201

    Pauld201 Pro Firer/Crew

    I guess the system will need a new name now then. ;)
  4. mike frost

    mike frost Pro Firer/Crew

    'fire no wire'
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  5. Fire by NoWire
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  6. Duncan

    Duncan Pro Firer/Crew

    Fired by winners.
  7. Ozzieuk

    Ozzieuk Pro Firer/Crew

    Fire by spire :rolleyes:

    Taxi for Turkish please.
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  8. FireBy Igniter Wire :)

    FBW radio fired the Shrewsbury Flower Show displays - live 1812 using the manual panel over radio and the main show using FBW digiport.
  9. Illusion Fireworks

    Illusion Fireworks Pro Firer/Crew

    Looking forward to firing our British Firework Championships display using digiport this Thursday :)
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  10. Did well with the weather!