FBW radio modules - update on range and stress testing

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  1. Hello

    We've been doing some quite interesting tests with our new FBW radio modules recently. This allows us to document the capabilities in real world use.

    It's proving harder to find the distances needed to push the system. Previously we had tried up to 6km. Today nearly 11km was setup and worked fine with normal aerials pretty much both on the ground (which is expected given the possibility on paper of 50km).

    Here are a few photos:

    51520562_618511708585582_127423334550863872_n.jpg 51641733_592059037924167_8140749753789972480_n.jpg


    We have also been testing across standing water (radio can behave differently around water) with yet again rock solid comms and firing.

    We have also had 5km situated 10 metres from a large phone mast tower and the same again near a smaller one - both according to mastdata.com running the nearest frequency of 900mhz - all good.

    We'll be continuing our testing and if anyone has any suggested scenarios please let me know.

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    That’s very impressive :cool:
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