Festival of Fireworks 2020 - Catton Hall

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  1. PJW


    Very pleased to announce that the superb line-up for the 22nd Festival of Fireworks are as follows:

    Distant Thunder Fireworks

    Phenomenal Fireworks

    Sirotechnics Fireworks

    Jubilee Fireworks

    Tickets available soon. This will be an incredible set. If you see me atop a scaffold tower, do give me a wave!
  2. PJW


    Oh and @elmo - you are wonderful in your support, and I do try to look out for you, but never find you. Next year - I have to find you!
  3. Looking forward to seeing what Simon puts together :)
  4. elmo

    elmo Pro Firer/Crew

    I think we are on for another treat from him :cool:
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  5. elmo

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    I see you every year, just never get chance to say hello
    I will in 2020 for sure :)
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  6. PJW


    Well last time there was a bit of haze, but spectacular designs make their way through... Sirotechnics - Festival of Fireworks [​IMG]
  7. elmo

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    That smoke was unbelievable
  8. An excellent line-up. :)
  9. elmo

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    Just learnt that this years festival has been cancelled :(
  10. Done Fettling

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    2020 the year of the dark sky's :(
  11. PyroAsh

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    @Illusion Fireworks Abingdon summer fireworks is still going ahead. As is some of @MLE Pyrotechnics Firework champions events.