Festival of Fireworks - Catton Hall - 1st September 2018

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  1. The teams have been announced and alongside G2 Fireworks and Brightsparks. We at Dynamic Fireworks are proud to be exhibiting this year.

    Tickets are available from Jubilee Fireworks and at www.festivaloffireworks.com

    Looking forward to seeing you there.
  2. Looking forward to seeing you there too! Congrats!
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  3. Skydazzle Pyrotechnics

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    Need to put the right date on the post?? :p It is Saturday 1st September....
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  4. Pyro Pete

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  5. Oops yeah, sorry just keen.
  6. Pray they change the site setup. Shells so far away in recent years, it just hasnt worked.
  7. geoff

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    Looking forward to this fantastic event.
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  8. elmo

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    Same set up as previous, it’s the only safe way with the prevailing wind direction, the festival has an impeccable safety record and they want it to stay that way
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  9. elmo

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  10. gareth71

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    The shells at Catton are closer to the crowd line than they are at Southport. It's not a perfect site, but it's better having the shells in the 'back field' than it would be if they were brought forward to the other side of the trees.
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  11. So does anyone crewing know whether it's going to be a particularly special effort for the 20th anniversary?
    The 2015 post-Montreal show must have been the most impressive finale ever, and hard to top I'd imagine.
    Been to all except for very first year, and last year. Worked with some freelancers last year who attended and weren't glowing with their review.
    Can't believe I'm in two minds about going.
  12. Dodgey

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    All the videos I've seen look amazing. I'm more interested in the low level stuff in a music show tbh - I'll post my feedback after the 1st. Looking forward too it.

    How far back are the shell sites?
  13. gareth71

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    Nearest one is around 220 metres back from the crowd line.
  14. Dodgey

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    getting a bit far for 75mm! 100mm should be fine though.
  15. gareth71

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    Nah, it kinda works. The other option would be to bring the shells to the other side of a thick line of trees, and that would be too close. At least they're a bit nearer than the shells at Southport!!
  16. elmo

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    I think it works very well:)
  17. Well for the first few years at Catton it was in a field in front of the hall. When it moved side/rear for a few years it was fine. Then a couple of years showered the crowd with a bit of debris, and to be fair i got something in my own eye. I know you can never account for the wind, but turning the site 180* not only accounted for prevailing wind direction but faced the audience away from the sunset for an earlier start. But now the shells seem to be viewed through lower level stuff. I can't think of other displays so obviously like that. I am genuinely the first for safety with fireworks. But catton has lost some umph.
    I've always been mid crowd. I can't be bothered filming all the displays this year. I feel I miss them live to do so. So I think I'll sit at the front regardless of what time I arrive (fair enough, a ticket is a ticket), for the shells, but that'll make them all the more seem through the front field stuff.
  18. Dodgey

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    What kind of time do you need to get there to settle down not too far from the front? I'm planning on taking a picnic & Beers etc
  19. elmo

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    Saturday at 12:D
    Seriously though, 4/5 pm should secure you a decent spot, always has done for me
  20. scoops

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    As soon as I can Friday:)